Sunday, September 5, 2010

Thank you MS3B! Yep, read the post!

I emailed Joe just recently and he gave explanation to as to why he removed my shirts. I wasn't expecting a email back so fast.

"I remove some things when people are being nasty to newer creators for no reason. Everyone has to learn somewhere, right?"

That's not whole email, but that was very nice of him! I have apologize for getting so upset! It won't happen again as learned to take the good criticism instead of the bad! I'm glad emailed him. Just wanted you to know that! :-)


  1. It's nice that he emailed and filled you in, but I will say it would've been nice had he at least approached YOU and informed you of it, instead him answering YOU. =\

  2. I kno, but I'll take it. Oh well.

  3. Can I say, "I told you so Vid?" I told you Joe wasn't the type to just be mean and snatch your stuff down to please the crowd. :)
    He is a good fella' and now you see that.

    He did it for you.

    And I have to disagree with xXAngelicEvilXx...I don't feel he needed to email Vid personally to let her know that he was removing her shirts. She handled it correctly as did he in responding...which he didn't have to do.

    Keep in mind, his blog, his rules, just like everyone else, and his blog is way busier than all of ours combined, so no...I think you both handled it properely. Just my opinion though... :)

  4. Of course, his blog, his rules. That's not what I'm saying. I'm just saying to do it out of a sign of courtesy, or respect.

  5. I wasn't sure whether or not you knew that. He doesn't remove things if people don't like them, he removes them if 1) the creator's feelings are obviously hurt or 2) if the trolling gets really severe. I think it was okay that he didn't respond -- if you want to know, you'll ask, so you did. :)

  6. I didn't even realize you had to email them to be featured. I assumed he just picked what he liked and put it on there.

  7. They have update page you can post stuff!

    And Cece yes you told me so! Grr! Hehe. Don't worry about AE, it's cool. :)


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