Friday, September 17, 2010

I have something to say to a few people before I seriously take off!

First off, I would like to apologize for all the angry outbust yesterday. I am human, but right now think everyone has forgotten that. Anyway...

Furyred- As I said I'm not proud of the outburst I left on your blog and apologize for that. I'm not going sit here and lie to you though. I simply think that bringing up the past for whatever reason was not necessary. All you did was bring up drama. You may think you did a herotic thing, but was it really worth all this?
Also the comments on your blog, most of those people are not your friends. They simply there for the opportunity to flame Mare and for sheer fact you are Furyred. At end of day we are all just simmers and sometimes we all need to know when to bow out sometimes. By having a opinion, I did make myself part of this. I see that, even though that I wasn't the only person to blog about it. When you make a public blog post about it though, to me it was up for anyone to have opinion on it and well I felt that what you posted wasn't needed. Not saying what you should post or not, but maybe should have thought about that one. I often comment on all current events and well most of it is drama unfortunately.

RD- I have notice that you quick to be around when someone is bashing Mare, but you never quick to be around when I need you as a friend. When you do show up here, it's to lecture me. Same with Fury most of the time. It's funny how I could be crying my eyes out and no one shows up, but when start ranting on something you disagree with...guess who's here! I guess because I'm not Kelle, I'm Vidkid20, and I like Mare, I'm just someone you use when needed. Well that link on the side will disappear. I'm no longer up for use. I should have knew you didn't care a thing about me, with Kelle incident. Never once heard my side of story, but quick tell me I'm wrong. Then you apologized, but for your convenience. Wouldn't want to be on Vidkid20's bad side. She bashes everyone that she doesn't like, huh? She tells Mare to rip into them. That's what think of me I know and many of your associates think that as well. Well for that I say goodbye to you and don't worry I will be slowly saying goodbye to the many who think like you too. Pm me, comment, you don't exists. I ignored people (including Mare) warnings about you many times and I think I will this time around. As said I goodbye.

Evergreen- You called me a stupid conceited bitch and confessed to starting drama on my blog. Now I got no apology for that and really have no care hear what have to say for that reason. When you apologize, then maybe I will consider. Right now your dead/don't exists.

Amiee- Thank you for apologizing. I'm sorry I painted you as bad as I did. You are better than a lot in the simming community these days.

Did forget anyone? If I did, I will come back just to let you know in a calm polite tone how I feel about you. Now, please take notice I didn't curse and not everything was negative. I bet money someone comes to tell me how horrible I am anyway. Well you have fun with that. I no longer care.

In regards to The Mare Nest and people reactions to them, alot of you are too old to be sitting around bitter about the Mare Nest. If you act like adults, maybe they wouldn't be always be ripping into you. Yeah, I cried when MS3B anons ripped into me, but did go on and on about it. No, so stop using that excuse with people. Yes, Evie I read your post and you have nothing to be sorry about. Anyway, some of you are in your 20s and 30s. I met 12 years that act better than you!

As for my real friends. You know who you are. Thank you for the love and support. Thank you for not treating me as some simming celeb that you can use for your convenience, a billboard for your sites, and someone you should suck up too! Thank you for treating me like a human being and just another simmer. I appreciate it. I would hug each one of you if I could. Now if I come back it will be for you and things are going change. I'm going stop letting the fake use me and I'm going continue to do whatever hell I want on this blog, but the dead/non-existing people will be ignored. If they come on my c-box, you wll be banned and any comments from them will be deleted. They can comment under here, but I can't see comments from people that don't exist. Going be kinda hard to read those.

Now my return is not set in stone. I could say screw it and never come back, because thats how I feel at the moment. The only drive I have left is from the comments you guys left for me. I will think on everything, but right I'm going to enjoy life. Still be around for my comp, but getting a life is my new task. :) Not sure if this a break or permanent, but goodbye for now. Just needed get that out before I left. If I'm going leave, I'm not going leave with my tail between my legs that's for sure. Laterz!


  1. Well vid, I have no idea what happened but I do wish you the best of luck in whatever you choose. No need to cry over spilled milk ;) Keep your head up.

  2. Aww Vid. I totally get it and you do what you feel you need to do. Don't let others hurt or use you. They mean nothing. Your real friends matter and we will be here waiting for you to return.

    Take however long you need. *Hugs*

  3. ._.

    ahem, if I may. I DID apologize for starting (more) drama on your blog. I had posted (something like this) 'Vid. blah bleh blah blah, I am sorry for bringing yet more Drama to you, bleh blah blee blah'. And also, I never said conceited, I said self centered. Conceited is not a very common word for me (use it like, 2 times a year) so I know that bit for a fact.xD

    *goes back to being dead*

  4. take all the time you need viddy. its good to get away from the internet, it can be a very nasty, venomous place... i take breaks all the time or it would seriously warp my good nature.

    just hang in there try not to let all the hostility get to you.. in the meantime, enjoy your vaycay ;)

  5. Evergreen, give it a flipping rest. Conceited and self-centered have practically the same meaning.

  6. Vid, I'm glad you are at least thinking about whether to stick around or not, and hope you do decide to stay.

    However, make the choice based on your own feelings, and whether or not, you feel it's best for you to return or not, for YOURSELF, nobody else.

    Contact me if you need anything, my 'door' is always open.

  7. Vid,
    I'm really lost right now, but usually you write me and we talk. I really wish you would have done that this time.
    You have got to stop taking the internet so seriously hon, it's just not good for you. It's not good for anyone for that matter.

    You take all the time you need and if you want to talk you know where you can find me.

  8. I, like AE am glad you are thinking about what you want to do.
    Whatever your choice, I'm in full support.
    I will however miss you if you choose to leave.

  9. To be honest, when I first met you or saw you posting on the forums.. I thought you were going to be annoying but after seeing what you have been doing on the simming community lately and you writing your opinions on your blog, I started to like you and gained respect. You are a good, nice person! I know we don't even talk often but the Simming Community will miss you.

  10. AE:: I know they have almost the same meaning, but still, I don't like it when people say I said something I didn't. I'm freaky like that.

    And I was just stating that I had apologized =/

  11. I sure hope you do come back :) you're very kind and I hope to see you again soon. You only post your opinions and get flamed for that. They're HER opinions people, sheesh! Now you've chased her away because a lot of people decided to act like a**holes. I really do hope you come back vid :( it wouldn't be as fun and lively without you :'(

  12. I hope you decide to stay, Vid. I'll miss chu. :(

  13. I'm glad you've taken the time to contemplate this. You deserve to leave with a pride of a lion and that's what you be doing. I like the calm and collected you.

    Thank you. I'm really sorry I said all of what I said. I promise I'm not as bad of a person as I put on. (I'm really a chicken) I'm just quick to anger then my anger turns me into a mouse. >_<

  14. You know if you leave I will miss you! :(
    Whatever you do, do it for YOU, not because of other peeps. Like I always say "fuck 'em"!!

    Those of us that like you and don't indulge in forum drama, would hate to see you go! The community wouldn't be the same without you!

  15. I like you for just being YOU Vid !!

    I will miss you if you take sometime of, but if you do I´ll understand. I´ll be here when you return !!

  16. Aimee, I think everyone should take some time and contemplate the last few days, not just Vid.

    There's always a double standard when it comes to Vid, and it's not fair and it makes me sad.

  17. LE, there's a double standard to everyone. I was also saying she should contemplate her leaving not this whole drama BS. (Just so you know, not to sound bitchy)

    Amiee*** Stop spelling my name wrong people.

  18. My Bad Amiee, it was an honest mistake.

    And no there is not a double standard for everyone. Many people get a pat on the back for blogging, Vid Does not. Vid gets trashed and dumped on, and that's not fair.

    And my above comment wasn't meant to start an argument, it's the truth.

  19. And also that Vid isn't the only one who should contemplate. There are other people involved that should as well. That's what I meant.

  20. Vid, I hope you come back soon! Who cares what most people on the internet say about you! When ever someone starts to bad mouth you it's either because they're jealous or usually have no self confidence outside of the internet. Much love! And many sim hugs! :D

  21. Awwwwhh :( I know yu prob. Don't like me, but w.e., i 'll miss chu too vid, and I hope you come back :( take all the time you want off, we all need it sometimes


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