Monday, September 13, 2010

Time for my pop culture ramblings! The VMAs to me!

First off, I would like to say that the stage was gorgeous! I don't know if it was because I was watching it in HD for the first time that made it look so awesome, but MTV needs keep the stage! I also like the DJ. Not sure what the group name, but....well you will think I'm crazy if I describe it. If you saw the show I'm talking about the mouse head DJ thingy before each commercial break. I thought it look so cool, because it was lit up and stuff. xD Anyway, Kanye and Talor Swift need to get over last year BS! It was last year for goodness sakes! I heard they were suppose to duet on E! online. My grandmother (who is kinda hip to this stuff) had actually joked they might and I laughed at her. Yes, they were suppose to, but Taylor backed out. I'm sure MTV could made that up for publicity. That would have been incredibly cheesy anyway and as said it was LAST YEAR! GET OVER IT! I think MTV wanted to build on this though as they don't know how to let things go and they were all out of ideas for surprises. Nothing too shocking this year despite their attempts! I miss old days of MTV. Just hasn't been the same.

The white carpet was a good idea. Only thing that bugged me with that was those damn disgusting orange people from that MTV show keep popping up! I won't even mention their names or the title of that show, because that's how much they sicken me! Go away! A bunch trash and MTV continues to give them money to act like imbeciles! *sigh* Other than that a typical red carpet!

The awards were ok to me. Yes, Lady Gaga won the whole night. I could care less if she won or not. I prefer her winning over some people. Was mostly watching the awards for anything shocking to happen and performances. I know a lot people dislike her, but I wished Gaga had performed. She always does something out there and her weirdness entertains me. I'm either laughing or saying WTH after she performs. :-P I also wished Katy Perry had performed with her cd coming out and all. Bieber, winning the new artist award was lame! I would prefer anyone, but him! Rihanna popping up in Eminem's performance was not as surprising as they wanted to be. I saw that coming a mile away. Most of performances were alright. Nothing spetacular! I really don't get Kanye new song, but he needs to get over last year and I really wished he had done "Power" instead. The show was alright. I've seen worse. Just typical award show for these times. I think award show these days are less exciting, because they don't want to upset the kiddies. My parents didn't allow me to watch such things till I was certain age anyway, so I don't get it. Parents shouldn't let kids watch MTV if they are so worried. I really don't get it! Oh how the times have changed!


  1. Yeah i thought the awards last night were really boring. After Eminem's performance I didnt care anymore (and your right Rihanna popping up not a surprise actually it was expected, but whatever the hell she was wearing just shows how stupid she really is) I just flipped back and forth just to see who was winning what. The old days on MTV were better I dont even watch the channel anymore cause its full of that dumb show that shall not be named

  2. Yea. I miss the days when MTV was more about music and less about reality shows. Plus the reality shows are getting worse as they go and their shocking award shows are no more it seems.
    Lol Rihanna wig was was the worse! I agree her outfit was pretty bad!


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