Thursday, September 9, 2010

For the love of Roxy- Episode 1

Roxy: So this is the dump I'm living in for how many sim days?
The new set is perfect for them! :-P
Roxy: Well lets pick out rooms! *looks over at the biggest room*
Roxy: This one is mine! You two take the small room!
Kalvin: What!? Now way!
Roxy: Well maybe someone isn't here for me!?
Kalvin: No! Of course I'm staying. A woman of your caliber deserves such big room. *laugh nervously*
I was thinking maybe can sleep with you though?
*doorbell rings*
*Roxy glares at Kalvin*
Kalvin: What?
Roxy: No way! Get the door dumbass!
*Shane: What a idiot!*
Twinbrook's er... inhabitants give Roxy and suitors a visit.
While Kalvin gives the neighbors a tour around the house. He looks thrilled.
Shane gets some alone time with Roxy.
Roxy: Hope you don't mind rooming with Kalvin and all.
Shane: Ah, no big deal.
There alone time didn't last long though and Shane got annoyed.
Neighbor: Got anything to eat?
Shane: Get out!
Neighbor: Oh my what is with that pink hair?
Roxy: WTH? What are you wearing and that hair of yours! Ew!
Well after the neighbors left. The rooms were set up!
Of coruse Kavin and Shane were not too happy as the room was smaller than they thought!
Kalvin: Can't beleive I have room with you.
Shane: You took words right out my mouth!
Shane: Stay on your side of the room!
Well Shane and Roxy decided to watch some tv.
Kalvin: Like the new look!
Kalvin: Thought I should freshen up. Going start dinner!
Roxy: Wow!
Kalvin: Hey, Shane, could you get me another bowl?
Shane: I don't know what your trying to do, but this act of yours is amusing!
Kalvin: Oh jealous are we?
Roxy: This salad is great!
*Shane: It actually tastes good?*
Kalvin: I took cooking classes in Sunset, while studing the arts!
Roxy: Wow, I'm impressed!
Kalvin: Well Roxy I can cook for anytime. Shane you know how to cook?
Shane: Yeah a little. I really don't consider a salad cooking, but I guess you did alright.
*mumbles to self, Kavin: You wouldn't know cooking if it...*
Shane: What you say?
Kalvin: Nothing.
Roxy: This might be more fun than I thought.
Well the boys tucked in for the night.
While Roxy did as well.
Roxy: So far I'm liking these guys. They're not too stupid I guess.
Stay tune for episode 2! Also, bad, good? Should be another episode? Feedback please!
And which one would you choose for Roxy?


  1. Good deffinatly good! I gotta know who she picks! Im leaning more towards Shane although Kalvin would possibly make the relationship a little interesting...ok i lied I want her with Shane haha =p

  2. ^Thank you Yazzie. :-) Hehe, this great excuse for me to play my game, so I'm glad at least someone likes it. ;) Anyone else? *looks around*

  3. Cute idea! Roxy is going to have a lot of fun living with those two! I don't know who she should choose, too early in the game! :)

  4. SHAAAAAANE! I want her to be with SHANE!

  5. ;) next episode tomorrow. Was too sleepy today.

  6. Vid I love a good story and this has def caught my attention. My only gripe would be spell check/grammar. I'm by know means perfect in this department but I seem to catch it well in things I do read. Otherwise, keep it up Vid, I'm in love with Roxy already!!

  7. Aww Vid, I love the story. I'll be working. I'm thinking Kavin

  8. >_< Oh sorry Cece, but glad you like it.

  9. lol, just noticed I put working. I meant LURKING!

    Gosh work has me thinking of them way too often. *headdesk*

  10. I just spotted my own typo...It should have said 'no means' not 'know means'. See...told you I'm am not at all perfect. :)


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