Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ahoy, EA! I'm not buying ye Barnacle Bay!

ARRR! EA drank to many bottles of rum and charging for worlds now? I can find a free and better version of this on CAW I bet! How many want to bet that someone will pirate this? *snickers* I hope so. ;-) As EA...
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  1. That cat has like the bluest eyes EVAR O_O

    See now the last neighbourhood they put through the exchange was Riverview... and that sucked in my opinion :/ (sorry to anyone that likes it *blushes*)
    Whats the point in them making new neighbourhoods outside of EP's?! Outside sources do better CC than those fucktards at EA (and THEY are free!) so they can definately make better worlds *facepalm* Stoopid EA >_>

  2. I don't even want it pirated, not that I've ever done that. Seriously...I've never done that...not even music! I'm too much of a chicken! But I think this sucks beyond belief! A PIRATE immature can this be? Now late night...I look forward to!

  3. Arrr Cece you don't like! xD I love the pirate theme,but it does sound pretty crappy.

  4. arg, ye once was a companay! Called ye ol EA! Now they are ye very crappay! xD

    my rap pirate song about EA XD

    I agree, the world lacks any true effort and above it all, it isn't worth 1000 something points.


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