Tuesday, August 31, 2010

If my stuff is that horrible, then maybe I quit

My shirts and tanks were on MySims3blog (ms3b) till anons, trolls whatever you want to call them said they were horrible and degrading to that blog. Said it was worst then most the crap on TSR and that it was god awful! 6 or 7 comments about dreadful my shirts were. Even the tanks I thought were perfect! Anyway, the people who run the site must have agree as they no longer letting them disgrace their blog. Well I'm sorry for even asking them to put my stuff up. I never deserved to be on that blog in the first place. I'm idiot for ever thinking I should be featured on there. Well you don't have to worry about me making anymore of anything!

I've gotten beat up on (verbally) most of last week and now the start of this week. I've been called names for this blog, harassed on my c-box and now my stuff is being called a disgrace. I have even had a troll on my c-box go under the name "vidkid's dead relative". Can I get break? Well I'm tired and I've about had it. Yeah, I'm hurt. You have succeeded. Well I'm done making sims, I'm done making clothes, and about done all together. I will stick around for Vanity as is the only thing I haven't F up yet, so don't worry about that. I'm just extremely upset right now. I put all my time in making things for the Sim community to only have it mocked and called horrible. I tested them to make sure they weren't glitchy. I put effort into my stuff. I'm not just making anything and throwing it out there. I know I'm not the best, but I don't think it's horrible! Well I'm truly sorry for any negative comment I might left on MS3B now, because now I know how you feel! :-(

P.S. No new blog post today other than this. Will be checking on my comp Vanity, but that's it. Sorry.


  1. Take the comments on my sims 3 blog with a pinch of salt. It's troll haven. I think your creations are great, and I'm not just saying that. I'm sure many others agree with me. Don't stop creating - there's people out there that do love your creations - and I'm sure you have the downloads to prove that. You've put way too much effort into creating to stop. Ignore the idiotic comments and listen to the positive ones, the ones that matter.

    As for the messages on your c-box, that's disgusting. Some people have no respect, and that's just plain cruel. These people don't deserve your time, or your thought.

  2. Don't mind the anon's and their awful comments, they are just sad people (kind of an understatement) There's absolutely nothing wrong with your shirts !! They are lovely !!

  3. Aw, Vid :(
    Ever hear the saying: "Those that mind, don't matter...Those that matter, don't mind"? - its one of my favourites =D
    Your friends/followers like what you do - you can see that in their comments on here :)

    Plus, If you like/enjoy making the shirts and sims - thats all that is important! Don't let stupid little twits ruin that for you.


  4. thats terrible :( i didnt think your shirts were horrible, in fact i thought they were pretty good and im VERY picky when it comes to CC. these anon asswipes are probalby just ppl with a bone to pick with you, are jelous, or just nasty spiteful ppl with nothing better to do. dont pay thme any mind. altho i know its VERY hard to ignore hurtful comments.. they sting deeper than any blade and last longer than any scar. But dont let the words of immature hatemongers effect what YOU love to do. cause then they win

  5. I like your stuff. They're just stupid Anons that have nothing better to do. I don't see THEM making any creations so they shouldn't be saying shit like that.

  6. Your creations are NOT horrible.
    I agree with the above, and you are definitely not an idiot. You should be proud that you can make CC. Tons of people wouldn't have a clue. Don't let those anon twits stop you. I love the 3 shirts and 2 tanks you made. So much so, Iceia is gonna model them for you.


    And if MS3B won't feature you on their blog, I'll feature you on LE Style instead, with your permission of course :P.

    You're amazing and you don't deserve any of this. Just remember you have people who love and appreciate you.:D

  7. I am lousy with words vidkid,so I'll just say that I agree with all the above posts.
    Don't give up.Don't let the worthless trolls get to you.
    I thought your shirts were pretty cool and I think you should keep making them.

  8. I loved your shirts! don't give up!

  9. Viddy, my lovely. Do NOT let those pieces of shit get to you.

    No matter what graces MTS3 Blog, there is ALWAYS one negative comment. There are some who are not happy unless they or someone else, are miserable. I LOVE what you've made. Remember the positive comments, never the negatives. =)

  10. It is your choice but just let it go. Ignore the trolls. I doubt they actually want people to feel sad, they probably don't know how it feels. They are just little shits that have no life. You're just giving them what they want by responding to their comments and by leaving.

    Your creations are not bad. And if you and others like them then it doesn't matter if other people don't.

    Vid do what you want, but always remember to care for yourself.

  11. I'm sorry you've been hurt, but you have to remember these anonymous posters are idiots and cowards. As everyone else has said, your shirts were cute and if they make you happy, that is what is important.

    If it makes you feel any better, your shirts were featured in my daily finds yesterday and they will stay there! http://is.gd/eOXys

  12. Like someone above said, it's probably some of the assholes that gave you heartache last week. Seriously, it most likely is.

    I saw your stuff and thought it was fantastic. These people are just jealous, again like someone above said, and have an axe to grind or whatever.

    Bottom line: they're NOT WORTH IT!!!!!! just remember that. You have too many fans to worry about these lowlife fuckwads. xD

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. WTF...my first post got deleted and I made a 2nd post to add a thought, but it didn't make much sense without the 1st post...oy. o_O And I reposted the 1st post, but it got deleted again! lol Lemme try AGAIN:

    Vid, I'm sorry to hear that you've been having these troubles. Unfortunately, it's so damn easy for people to slap on an Anon moniker and spew crap at others, and of course they have little or no regard for the real feelings of the actual PEOPLE on the other side.

    I think you should continue to create, whether it's making sims, custom content, or any other creative venture.

    If you have a true joy for creating, if you could envision yourself making sims and cc even if there weren't another living soul on Earth to see them, then you should keep doing it. Take pride in Vid's work and damn what some cracker-jack Anons on some website say.

    And I KNOW that's easy for all of us to say, and difficult to put into practice, but that's honestly the way of the world. Some people out there are just going to be dicks, jerks, bitches, assholes, and lowlifes (whether they're trying to be on purpose or not). The best you can to is learn to steel yourself against it and resist the urge to throw in the towel. Like Zeri said, if you do that, they win. Take pride in your work and be done with the rest. If your creations are showcased over there, awesome. If not, oh well, moving on. Next?

  15. cont: (you know, me & my novels, right?)

    You have every right to feel pissed and disappointed in those ridiculous comments (look what they've put Evie through...). But you'll need to take a deep breath, dust off, pick yourself up, and move on to the next project. Listen to me when I say this - I'm 100 years old and I've been there 10,000+ times -- do NOT let some janky-ass motherfuckers that you don't even KNOW stifle your creativity. Damn all that. Do you. Do not make that mistake.

    And as far as the person calling themselves "vidkid's dead relative"...that's just goddamn LOW. I'm sorry -- no matter what beef or issues a person has with someone or no matter how bored or immature a person is or anything remotely like that, doing something like that is just goddamn mean, slimy, disgusting, distasteful, hateful, and LOW. There's no room for that sort of bullshit in this community. Have some goddamn class.

  16. I love all u! *hugs* Thank you so much!
    Cel blogger keeps putting certain comments in my spam folder. Driving me insane, but glad you got your comment out. Going see if I can fix it!

  17. Also ty Fire and apologize for being angry wit u becuz of someone else did.

  18. MS3B critics? Bugger them with a wire brush!

    They're eunachs in a harem: seeing it done every day, seeing how it ought to be done everyday, but they're incapable of doing it themselves.

    Black Pearl Sims and the mighty Sims 3 Updates (www.sims3updates.net) do the same as MS3B without the added malice. That's not even beginning to scratch the surface of all the other dedicated listings sites, as there's also the German Sims Marktplatz and umpteen similar listing sites in French, Chinese, etc.

    If you're producing custom content, they will find you and list you in due course, so keep plugging away Vidkid - so long as you're having fun making things then stuff what anyone else thinks.

  19. I agree with everyone above! I almost let the trolls get to me and had decided that I would no longer make Sims to upload. (this was ages ago and I was uploading to a friends website) I was devastated by some of the cruel comments, even though I got several nice ones. I somehow was blinded by the hurtful comments that I actually ignored the good ones. It took me going back...rereading and seeing that more liked my creations than disliked and that most of the cruel words were by anon trolls.

    Thats why when you wrote me I said, 'don't respond...let it go'. They GROW SERIOUS HAIRY BALLS when you start attacking back and they don't deserve big balls! O_O

    I came so close to responding to your post because it totally angers me when I see a friend get hurt. But I knew also that I would be doing you more harm than good and that I had to take my own advice and let it go.:( It was not an easy task!

    Now Joe deleting your post...that's not Joe style, I'd say more than likely there was probably some seriously nasty stuff and he just took it off so it wouldn't be seen by you and others. Joe RUNS HIS BLOG and has never let others tell him what/when/how/nor why to do what he does.

    Don't let invisible trolls make you stop doing what you enjoy doing so much and you know that Cstyles has your back girl!

    Stay strong! Hugz and much much much love to ya!

  20. I wondering if thats what Joe did. That sucks though. :-/
    Also thank you mightyminimoose! :-D


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