Thursday, August 19, 2010

My siggie! FFS can I have that at least!

*Warning: It's late at night and EA sucks! Bad words and angry rant!*
Not only is my siggie cut off on IE now, but on google crome as well! On all the browers it seems. A new size limit.
FFS, I would like smack the person who made that decision. Morons! I get cutting off the outrageously big sigs, but why mine?! Wasn't even that big! Bitches!
Anyway I wasn't the only victim of course!
I love your siggie Darkling! They were so many good sigs ruin today!

EA sucks hairy balls! They can't give us pm, the site is still shitty with the while screen shit, but no that's not important! Lets cuts off siggies and add a link to facebook! Let's be money hungry and fucking lazy! It's too much work to make the forum faster, to make it capable to handle siggies of a decent size! That is no way a decent size! Worthless idiots! I swear if I wasn't already perma banned and had a comp on the sucky site, I would have went off tonight there! I can't even get to my page!

Also not to be mean, but most (not all) of the people who are cool with this are same people with not much of a siggie in the first place. *rolls eyes* Well my problem now is picking between my old favorite and my blog sig, which Cece made. She was very happy to see it the other day, which is another reason why I'm pissed. Ugh, I have no idea what to do. *sigh* Rant over!


  1. I am pissed! I just got my siggy working the other day and now that cut it off! ARG

  2. It makes my Food Battle siggy a rip off. CURSE EA!

  3. This is just my POV on this whole situation, flame me, hate me, whatever me, idgaf.

    Why is everyone having such a fit? I don't understand There's a cut off on siggies like before the last maintenance, Oh no! Let's protest EA for no reasoning! It, for me at least, is making the forums run like 10x faster than with the huge signatures, and it makes the forums look a bit more organized.

    -To the people saying 'Oh my siggy wasn't too long it didn't deserve to be cut' or the equivalent to that, you have to stop and think. What company would change the entire site to having a certain cut off, but make like, 50 out of 100,000 users siggies a little longer? This is EA we're talking about here

    I still say 150 pixels is a fine size, it never really bothered any one before so why the sudden cry out?

  4. Well respect your opinion. EA gave us the opition to have larger sigs, then take it away. A real forum would have this all sorted out in first place. A real forum wouldn't have silly things just to get the site up and running. EA site is a joke. You may have that site as Vanity is the only thing I will be interested in now. I'm about done.

    Now for the size. It is much too small and if gave us a little more room to work with it, I wouldnt be complaining It is EA though and they pretty much f up everything. It's like "oh lets give them larger siggies to shut them up" to later say "oh shoot we shouldnt have done that. Duh, it made the site slow." They have no clue to what they are doing and sick tired of them and thier stupidity!

    That is my opinion. I'm not type that just goes with the flow and just said oh well to everything. You may be like that, but I'm not. Have fun with the EA dictators!

  5. Oh noes!! Wow! So now the siggy's are slaughtered. Not good. It's not enough that I'm trying to get help with my game, but almost everytime I try to respond it takes me to the nerd screen! Not good and he just about got cursed out last night. If my daughter had been asleep I would have gave that nerd idjit a piece of my mind! Lol!! :)
    EA craps hairy monkey nuts, then they cook them, eat them, vomit them, reheat in the microwave, eat them again, then poop them out and freezes them to take company dinners!
    And they all LOVE THEM!!

  6. Vid I laughed the whole I wrote it because I kept picturing it in my head!! Lol!!

  7. oops...word neglect! time!! I laughed the whole 'time' oh the shame...

  8. It's utter bullshit! (IMO).

    I signed on to find that my precious Greed sig had become messed up. Initially assumed it was a glitch with the site and left it.

    I have a new sig now but seriously, what was the bloody point?

    OK penalise the assholes who have HUGE sigs that take up half my goddamn monitor but seriously? Was it REALLY necessary to make it so drastic.

    UGH - EA are such spoilsport BASTARDS.

    The Gurus are no better either; 'oh we have new pillows; I know! Lets advertise this by opening up a thread only Americans can access (timezone) and give one away!' - and YES IT IS A BLOODY PILLOW! I don't give a crap if EA wants to call it a chair, it's a PILLOW

    Sorry. Had to get that out of my system XDD EA have been pissing me off to no end recently.

  9. On that actually; why don't the gurus just BAN people who have those obnoxiously large sigs? They seem to enjoy banning every bugger else ¬¬

    ...the only plus side is people can't fit in those obnoxious animated sigs anymore - they lagged my internet to hell and I have a good connection so I dread to think what it did to other people.


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