Saturday, August 14, 2010

What is with the marriage trend on the forums?

At first it was kinda funny and slightly cute, but now it's annoying! That is the newest thread, which was deleted. The original is over at modeling section...
Now I'm force to see the title in modeling. Seriously, it's annoying and tired of looking at it. The forum has went to this as fun. lol Well let them have fun. Not much else to do there.*sigh*

Also why the hell is "someone" using my avi in the marry threads still after acting like a ass in my comp. I'm getting very annoyed and I'm trying to be nice. He has to know I'm pissed at him or he would be over here saying "come look at the pictures I took of our sims!" He should be taking that time to apologize for his rude comments as my guest judge. Funny how he hasn't posted on Vanity since! It's nothing more annoying than someone who acts like a ass and doesn't own up to it. Ugh!


  1. Oh get used to that behavior, typical male. He's an ass and he'll probably walk around pretending he didn't do anything. But that's okay, good luck to any competition he judges in, because eventually, he'll be an ass to the wrong person.

  2. most of the threads on the forum these days are annoying, or inane. i just cant stand it anymore

  3. Or repetitive :P I've seen that "Who else in your family plays Sims 3" plenty of times before.

  4. I'm often disappointed when I visit GD, same shit different posters, and the same posters are still talking about the same shit anyways.

  5. I got yelled at for one of those threads. It hurt my feelings.:(

  6. aw, Westie. :-/
    Even if I wanted spice things up there, it would just get me banned again. I guess everyone kinda force to post the same old crap. The mods got their boring forum.

    Those threads are annoying though. They have another one explaining it. D:

  7. I've gotten real tired of the 2 people who just jump into a thread to say "Welcome to the forums" and say absolutely nothing pertaining to the OPs subject.
    Would be nice if they could find a more entertaining way to get their thread count up.

  8. Ive only visited that thread once,and I never wrote anything.

    Truth be told I have no idea whats going on with it.I was scared to upload my sim-self..let alone have some random person marry me.

    I do wish you good luck with your modeling competion though..... :)


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