Monday, August 23, 2010

Vanity: The 3rd Assignment!

Are you Vanity’s next calendar girl? Vanity’s annual calendar needs 12 models and I have decided to pick you 12 to take up this challenge. This year’s calendar will be devoted to the fresh faces of modeling world and will be seen by millions. Can you handle it? Pick the month that your model can best represent and means most to you. You may use holidays, seasons, anything that represents that month to you. Also not everyone has same holidays and you are very much allowed to use any holiday you want. Seasons, holidays, or just the feeling. Be creative and give a explanation to why you chose the month you chose. If you fail to represent your month with a good picture, you may see you days are numbered or in this case eliminated.

*Sun since you won last round, you
 can have the first choice or can wait and switch with any contestant you feel like. Once you switch, you may not switch again.*

*Pix since you placed last you get the month that is lefted over!*
Good luck!

Vidkid (Me)
Guest judge: Smozzigold

Regular judge scoring
Picture _/100

Guest judge Scoring
Make sure to impress out guest judge! Her points can give you the push you need to get to the top. It can also lead you to bottom if not careful.
Judges total_/350 _______________________

-Only little editing is allowed.
No putting your sims on backgrounds, no pasting of objects in pics. You may change the color and such as making it black or white, etc. You may also edit constrast and brightness, but use what you have in game. Will allow little minor fixes, but thats it!

-Lettering allowed
- No copying
- CC is allowed
- Extras are allowed, but model must be the focus of the pic
- Keep to the assignmet.
- Give explanation for why you chose the month
Anyone breaking theserules will be eliminated!!!

March April
May June
October November
Due date: August 30, Next Monday!Assignment 3:

Sign ups:
Assignment 1:
Assignment 2:


  1. Like if had July, I do something involving the fair because I go every year. Get it now?


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