Friday, August 20, 2010

Family! Can't live with them, can't live without them! Real life stuff!

I have two family members who are driving me insane! One that talks too much and one that has bad attitude. The one that talks way too much is always talking my ear off about things I could give a crap about and complaining about everything. Loves to visit around when I'm on the computer too. Complaining about things he should be grateful to have. Standing around doing nothing and being nosy. Just finished reading what was on my phone a min ago! Just makes me sick! Then the one with the bad attitude acts like a-hole sometimes and thinks he should be treated like a prince. Borrowing stuff without asking, doing things when he feels like it! I swear they are most annoying people I ever met and have deal with them everyday! I really get into with one to the point we are screaming at each other, the annoying nosy one that is. I'm not type person to get into conflict. I'm very quiet and reserved most of the time, but they are two people who know how push every button! I know I'm not perfect either, but even my father is annoyed by them sometimes. If I could I would drive them somewhere and leave them, or I wish I could trade them in for someone else or some money. I know that sounds harsh, but hang with them a few days and your your see what I mean. :-P


  1. I've had to deal with family members like that. Well, they're not blood family, they claim to be family, but it's only through marriage and I don't claim them anyway. Know-it-alls and leeches. Looks like you can't really get away from them, but I recommend a stressball, or something that's just squishy that you can squeeze the bejebus out of.

  2. Oh my gosh. We might be related! Honestly, some of my family members act like that, too. :/


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