Monday, August 16, 2010

Thinking of Vanity Cycle 2 already! The male edition!

I really want do male model competition and thinking making next cycle all men. Well I know I'm making it all males next cycle. It's a must at less you guys think different. ;-) Since we only ended up with 14 entries this cycle, might just ask for that many.

So do you want another cycle for the females? Or the next cycle to be for the males this time? Or should I make a compeletly different comp for the guys?

Hehe, haven't even made it through this one and thinking of Cycle 2!  >_<

P.S. Not much going on so deal with my comp spam!!!


  1. oo it would be fun to do guys! :D i know i can make some super hotty fellas XD
    (i really stink at these modeling comps tho)

  2. I am modeling a guy in another comp and I love it!!! It is kind of refreshing :)

  3. If you did a male competition I would definately enter ;)


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