Tuesday, August 24, 2010

5 points I must share with you about recent events!

**Warning: Not so nice words in the post below**

1. What is with the anon nonsense on the ep and sp forums?
- 3 or 4 was bashing Lady Em, 2 was about the Mare, one was bashing of all people poor Couriervaughan. Now we have some idiots posting porn/dirty pics on the forums full of kids. FFS!
I think the same people who bashed LE and Mare are the same and did it for a reason. Too bad for them neither one gives a shit and didn't let the bullying get to them. The one bashing Couriervaughan, I'm not sure. The disgusting anon perverts, I'm sure they were different people. It needs to stop. EA should disable the anons on the ep/sp forums NOW!

2. Why the sudden interest in TMN, so much so threads are being made about them now?
Haven't we learn that Mare threads cause flame wars and get deleted. Asking silly question just to start a flame war or trying get Mare attention is not cute or funny! If you start one, I have NO sympathy for you when you get banned.

3. Everyone who hates them and goes on the forum to whine about it, needs to shut up! The forum is not place to whine about it! Also some of you children need reading class over again or need to read more. It's British humor, but FFS it's not that hard to get! Stop looking for attention. You have parents for that!

4. I just don't read Mare. I often read both sides of the story if possible and if I think you did some stupid things you will know.

And finally...
5. Don't lie and say you don't read Mare that much and your dumb ass is ranting about them every chance you get!
 -A toad on the forum today said the Mare sim page was a fan page. I told him Mare's page is hidden and it is not a fan page as they don't accept friend request and their page is hidden. This dumbass said "oh well I don't follow Mare like you do, so I wouldn't know." Mighty funny your dumb ass is over at Firestar blog bitching about them regularly. You sure knew when they said you were trolling Sim Sanctuary claiming it wasn't you. Your ass is probably reading it now, so please crawl back into your hole or Fire's c-box and shut the fuck up you idiot! Fan page! Ha!

Ok, now I'm done. Carry on with your day!


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