Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Gothique Assignment 5 Results!

Anxiety Disorder

Pitch black the night became
the rain hitting the window panes.
Foot steps, creatures in the grass.
Who’s out there I ask?

Nothing. The rain falls, the lightning
illuminates the walls. Who will unleash
me from this tomb, who out there is ready
to bear my impeding doom.

I wait for death himself with a cross
in hand. I wait for the weight world to crush
me to sand. As I lie here waiting for
escape, my fears keep me awake.

The lock clicks, I back away as the time
ticks twelve. Who is here to release from
my hell I ask as a figure appears. No, I
scream as the demon leers.

The demon cries, as I. The demon
screams as I scream. The mirror of my
lies, entrapped in mind. Only I hold the
key you see, the demon is me.

9/10 - Malady Representation
8.5/10 - Creativity
9/10 - Picture
9/10 - Overall
I really like this picture, the lighting is awesome, but I wish I could have seen more movement from your model. He doesn’t look very worried. Good job!

9.5/10 - Malady Representation
8.5/10 - Creativity
9/10 - Picture
8.5/10 - Overall
Total: 71/80

I totally agree with them. We had two dropouts, so Im lucky to get thrid. That entry was not my best at all. The lighting and poem were the only good part. The next assignment is so freaking awesome!!!!  You will see. I have some ideas already.

I do at least have assignment 3 example picture done and more percise scroing system for my comp, so I shouldn't be overloaded like last time with stuff. I just hope my computer doesn't freeze up on me while I'm doing it. :-/

P.S. Also due to so many dropouts I made to the final three! 0_0 Still can't beleive that. I must do something worthy of the final three at least or I will prove I really don't deserve it. *sigh*


  1. As I've told you before, loved your picture and I think you represented it well!

    That's why I'm a poor judge. When it comes to critiquing something someone has created, I can hardly find a bad thing to say about it. When it comes to creativity, most people are unique, have different ideas and views, and I try to not really knock on that. Editing could be something I could judge on, but I think your editing was fantastic anyway, LOL.

    I'm a horrible judge of creativity. I think everyone does great in their own way.

  2. You ALREADY have proved that you deserve top three, even though I haven't commented alot, I think all your pics are amazing.


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