Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Gothiquie Assignment 4 Results!

We had to do one of the seven deadly sins and I got sloth. Had to do a poem and picture. Most of our assignment will be poems now. I love my new poem! Anyway I had no idea what to do for Sloth, because it's to be inactive and she wanted us to think outside the box. I didn't want him laying down, so I went with sitting and made the setting tell my story as well.

Oh how the time went by as I look at the clock
on the wall. Counting the hours, the years you
let slip away.

For years, and years we ran away
from the darkness together hand in hand. I never left
you, but the darkness snatch you from me.

It killed your drive, the very essence of you.
Made you a sinner, made you the opposite of
what you were.

Who are you now, but a broken down doll
collecting dust on a shelf? You were infamous, you
were a god. What happen?

All you do is sit here like some horrible
nightmare. Sitting in the shadows, letting the
gloom become you.

Well someone else has caught my eye, but you
fail make the effort to stop it. You fail to get
up, to see me go. Goodbye my love. I can wait
no longer.

Walk through the cobwebs, step out into the
world. I holds hands with the boy that took your
place. I see you move, but it’s too late my love.
Life went on without you.

10/10 - Sin Representation
10/10 - Creativity
9.5/10 - Picture
9.5/10 - Overall
I know how hard it must have been to represent sloth, but you did an amazing job! I love the use of clocks and cobwebs to show how long he's been sitting there...Shane looks so evil, like he's plotting something... The only thing that really bugs me, and I know this is knit-picky, but his shirt...I dunno, just no... Bravo!

9.5/10 - Sin Representation
8.5/10 - Creativity
9/10 - Picture
9/10 - Overall: Great poem and the picture looks great! His pose/facial expression just seems..simple. But I know it's sloth, so there isn't much to work with pose wise. Good job though.
Total: 75/80

I really love my picture. I was really please with it. The poem I had trouble with, but not too bad I guess. I got 3rd this round and isn't many people left. We had a lot drop outs. :-( Still proud to get 3rd and still be in it. Thought I would be eliminated by now. :-D

By the way, the shirt comment made lol. I was planning to make him like look a doll like in my poem, but changed my mind. I liked the shirt still and really wanted to use it, so I kept it. Bad idea I guess. lol I really do like that shirt. xD Oh well.


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