Monday, August 9, 2010

Vanity Cycle 1: The first Assignment!

While you were celebrating making the list, I took all your bags. Strip you of all of your designer clothes and left you with nothing, but a pair of your good jeans and a white tee. If your what you say you are, then you can model about anything. Make me want the outfit, make me think it is the newest trend, the hottest fashion. Use accessories, to stand out amoung your competitors and enhance this simple outfit more. Use setting, extras, and poses. Sell yourself as a model. Anyone who fails to impress us, may be eliminted! Be creative and good luck!

-Only little editing is allowed.
No putting your sims on backgrounds, no pasting of objects in pics. You may change the color and such as making it black or white, etc. You may also edit constrast and brightness, but use what you have in game. Will allow little minor fixes, but thats it!
-lettering is allowed for this assignment if you wish to make a ad type pic
- No copying
- CC is allowed
- Extras are allowed, but model must be the focus of the pic
- Keep to the assignmet.
-Be polite and have fun!
Anyone breaking these rules will be eliminated!!!

Scoring(for this assignment:
Model/fashion (pose, facial expression, accessories, hair, make up, etc.): _/50
Creativity: _/30
Overall(the picture as a whole, etc): _/100

Vidkid (Me)
Guest judge

Addition info:
<----Must be this tee

Its a base game object and it doesn't come in white. Recolor it white. May be off white, as long its white.
You may use/change makeup and change hair(style and color).  
Pick any jean you want, but must be plain blue jeans. No designs!

Judges I changed the scoring a litte so please take note!


  1. I shall lurk! This seems interesting.Just a white tee and jeans...*rubbing hands together deviously* A very tough assignment indeed...

  2. ^*glomps* Woman, you better! :-P


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