Saturday, August 7, 2010

Vanity is about to start! Sqeee!!!

YeviDrew and MarblesTheMoose if you do not turn in a entry soon, you will be consider a no show/ dropout! All I want is a head shot and body shot so it shouldn't be so hard, you know? I will give you till Monday (might even wait till Tuesday), but the show must go on and I'm sure my other contestants don't want wait around too long. I would like to keep the comp at a good pace.
If they fail to show up, only one will be cut from the list.

No guest judges for the sign up/ audition cut. Not till it actually start with assignments. Smoz, who asked to be the first guest judge, be ready to judge the first assingment. When everything turned in I will have you post your scroes on the thread itself, since the guest judge will not be the same person for every assignment. Be too many emails. xD Then I will post the rest of the scroes (mines, lolazee, notshortfunsize). Is that clear? Ok, my daily comp spam for the day. :-D

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