Friday, August 13, 2010

Vanity: The 2nd assignment despite a few kinks!

Well you made it pass your first elimination, now it’s time to see you in a real photo shoot setting. The fashion world can eat you alive, it can be jungle out there! My 2nd assignment is for you to create a wilderness scene with your model in the center of it all! Is she a hunter? A restless native? Or some lost hiker? Rather it is a jungle, a forest, or some type dessert wasteland make your sure your set compliments you model. Use prop, makeup, anything to make your model look gorgeous and your pictures tell a story. Failure to impress us judges, may result you being endanger or in this case eliminated!

I'm going to revamp the whole scoring system, because we had a few kinks with it and I hate math! It way too much math involved! Well I apologized, because that was my fault. I'm new at this. *sigh*

It's down to 12 now (was 14) and no guest judge this time. My last guest judge was very rude and pretty pissed off about it. He will never judge again! He seem to have no clue to what he was doing, didn't give much advice, and had comment about a contestant picture that was incredibly rude. I was already having problems with scoring, then I had to apologise for his dumbness! Agh!

Well my contestants are being very upstanding, so I'm going work really hard to make scoring better. Also my next guest judge will have some knowledge or least some maturity to give constrictive criticism!

Assignment 2:


  1. *hugs* Don't beat yourself up, you're doing great!

    As for Yevi's picture, it was actually VERY good for her first time, quality-wise. I have experience in photo-editing, and though it's my first time modeling, the small bits of editing really help. It's obvious that the GJ doesn't know much about editing, or his comments would have been different.

    I think that perhaps he was trying to be the Simon Cowell of your comp, and that crap just doesn't fly.

    No matter how bad something may be [and hers wasn't horrible in the least], constructive criticism in competitions like these are the key. Because of this GJ, Yevi may not participate in a modeling comp ever again, but I hope that she will, because I think with practice and time, she'll actually be GREAT!

  2. Yea. I almost gave her 2nd chance, but it wouldn't have been fair to Chcolates who had more points then her.

    I thought since he asked to guest judge, he knew a little something. I should of knew better. I know now you can't just let anyone guest judge. :-/

  3. That GJ hasn't as far as I have seen EVER entered an actual modeling comp...makeover yes, modeling no...not one that they actually stayed to do anyways. I don't believe they have much experience in judging either.

    Not all people who will ask to judge will have any slightest idea what they are talking about, some won't have experience in judging or have been in any comps you have to be careful if you want scores to be fair.

  4. Poor YeviDrew :( I think her photo was great for a first try! I hope she'll try out for another one soon! She's got great potential :P

    And don't worry about it Vidkid! You're doing fine and you certainly will continue to do so :D

  5. PK, I wa trying to be nice by letting him judge and I should have trusted my gut feeling. I'm too nice sometimes, but it won't happen again.

    I know YeviDrew has great potential. I really hope this hasn't caused her not to want to try out for these things. I still feel bad. :-(


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