Thursday, August 26, 2010

Duck and cover!

Warning: Bad words and feelings will be hurt!

I am beyond piss and it's time to clean house! I was going to ignore a certain attention seeker, but Rayy her little buddy got her, herself, and whole crew in trouble!

She may have deleted it, but too late hon!

It said that I probably posted about her dear Chama, because Mare hasn't talked about me in awhile and probably wanted the attention. That I talked shit about her on this blog too! That I love drama, that shouldn't address you guys as kids, blah blah, blah! Beleive if you want, but it was there!

Well I'm going address you like adult in this post, ok. I never actually blogged about you and what was said in my c-box was mostly targeted to that toad Altai. I said you deserve each other. If you are friends with him you do. Same way I feel about Firestar, but that is a whole another story. You told me that I have every right to not respect you. I told you I respect you way more then him. I did not blog about you being a asswipe on some other forum, did I? No, because I was hoping you actually sorry about it unlike your friend. Well I don't give a shit about what your sorry about anymore. I'm done with you! Please go blog about at happysauce or whatever the fuck you call it, and shut it!

Evergreen, "LE has always caused drama!"Orly? I don't see her on the forum whining about how much she hates people and shit stirring. All I see is bunch teenagers disrespecting her and telling her F U. Well Evergreen the only time you commenting on my blog is to tell me what to do or to disagree with me. Never flamed you for it. Well I am now and I'm telling you what to do now. I don't need to grow up. I went through puberty already and wasn't disrespecting people older then me. I was raise better than that! "Get a hobby", I'll get one just to get away from you little shits! Run off to your blog and shut it!

Finally Chama,

"Idk if she knew what she was about to put herself into.. but she knows now... she will just start some more drama within this whole situation."
Is that threat? Your mouth or in this case your blog gets you in trouble. If your going make trouble bring it on! I'm not scared of you little girl. I made one blog post about you and thats shit stirring? You went around calling Em a slut on Kami c-box, saying F U to Em, and probably were the anon on the forums posting about her. Might of been Rayy, who knows. You are all the same. Young and dumb. For someone who I thought sweet girl, you sure switch easy. Like I said turn the computer off and learn some respect!

"I know something will happen once i post this.. but im prepared either way."
Sound like you want this attention since your posting about it. Well here the attention! Enjoy the spotlight hon!

Now for the rest of the bunch! I am sick and tired all of you. One mintue your are all so nice and next I'm trying swap you away! Firestar, you having swell old time with Altai and the bunch. Then deleivering messages to me from Erick. Earn your way back into my good graces, because you can't have your cake and eat it hon! If you can let them disrespect me, then what good are you to me a friend? *Deletes off blog list*

Everybody else I'm ok with at the moment, but if you want off my blog list come tell me. More may be deleted later, because that how angry I am! I'm cleaning house today!

P.S. I dont need Mare to post about me to feel the love! I have friends for that and my banner is on their site. That is good enough for me. I didn't like how my friend was being treated. Thats all! Also I have a comp to run and plenty other things to do, so fuck off!


  1. And preach it yet again!

    They are all a bunch of shit-stirrers, only happy when making themselves or others miserable.

    And it is funny. They only ever come around to start drama. They're never around to share conversation, but they sure do know how to come around if they don't like something.

    It's okay for Cham to call Em a slut on Kami's c-box, but the minute you call her "kiddo", man you've got a bunch of hormonal teenagers swooping in. Double-standards, as usual.

  2. Well Kami is gone and their are kids so WTH?

  3. I'm not even going to tell you how wrong about me you are, because if I did it'd only cause the world the hate me more, which really, i dont give a fuck about. And I'm not so cold as to blog about internet drama shit.

    So obviously this going through puberty changes your whole aspect of life and you suddenly become a fucking saint? Wow, they left that out of the health books didn't they?

    Just to be the little immature brat everyone thinks I am, shut what?

  4. Who claimed to be a saint? Hold on, lemme scroll up. *reads* Nope, nobody claimed sainthood.

    Nobody is claiming to be a saint. It's about respect, and really? It's Vid's right to post what she wants, as it is HER blog. Just like if you don't want to post on something, it is YOUR blog, YOUR right.

    If you don't like what Vid has to say, you probably shouldn't read it, hm? But you just can't resist because it gives you the opportunity to bring your "holier than thou" attitude over here.

  5. Well you guys seem to be implying that.

    If Vid didn't want SHIT going down on her blog, maybe she should have slowed down and thought for a second about posting this useless internet drama SHIT. Makes you look REAL mature when you do.

    Also, how would I know if I liked it, if I never read it? Kinda using common sense to figure that one out. I think you meant to say I shouldn't have commented? Well, I apologize I ever did anything to disturb you all and mighty beings.

    Whatever, do as you wish, I'm sorry for trying to stand up for a fucking friend, I didn't know that was an internet crime. So just a little thing from me to you, think before you blog.

  6. You must care as you back commenting on this blog.

    I did not say I was saint, but you should know better. You shouldn't dirsrepect people. Chama should not went public with it. Now that it is I have right put my 2 cent in, because LE is my friend.

    It is no excuse to act in the way you and everyone is acting. How dare you say LE starts drama! She already upset about Chama and here you come being ass to her with lies!

    By commenting on every post made about this, you are putting yourself in the middle! I made one post and it suppose to be only one post! You are strring the pot yourselves and warned you if you cause trouble for Em I will burn you! You knew I would reply back if said something about Em and that is what you wanted. Well after this I wont. Good day!

  7. talk about me however you want... you wont ever be right.

    And for your little side kick... stop sucking up...

    Now... let us end this like mature people... if some of us can even understand what MATURE means

  8. Woah there.
    'You knew I would reply back if said something about Em and that is what you wanted'

    Excuse your HORRIBLE grammar, you just admitted to WANTING drama by INDUCING it. Ta-freakin-da.

  9. Sidekick!? Wow, I feel sorry for you! I will eat popcorn and watch as she rips you new one.

    "talk about me however you want... you wont ever be right."
    Cocky are we? Well go run to Kami c-box and call me slut if that makes feel better and since your soooo mature!

  10. i never called LadyEmillye a slut because im not stupid.. thank you very much...

    and i wont call u a slut because im not in the mood to make matters worse.

    and Thanks... i know im very mature :)

  11. Shut up Evergreen! I don't want hear it!

  12. If you don't want to hear it, don't preach it.

  13. Proof is AE blog miss mature and piss off!

  14. Vid, if I may say, AE got it wrong xD It's lady bitch-a-lot, not lady whore-a-lot xD

  15. I regret even saying that... so Vid... dont bother commenting on that..


  16. ^And that's better. You guys have lost some brain cells. Im not commenting anymore.

  17. :O But chama, you just did xD

    I apologized with a snarky undertone, so, to show you just that us 'kiddies' can be mature:

    Vid, I am sorry I ever brought drama to your blog, but I will NEVER be sorry for defending a friend. Forgive me or not, hate me or whatever, idgaf, enjoy your life.

  18. I've been trying to stay away from all this drama. :( I don't know what happened. D:

  19. Well then Evergreen must be YOUR sidekick, Chama. Evergreen's here on your behalf, no? Evergreen's here to defend you, right? Well guess what? That's what I'm doing for Vid, so if that makes me her sidekick, then so fucking be it, because looks like you have a sidekick or two of your own.

    Chama - You can grow the fuck up. You ran to Kami's c-box and called LE Lady-*****-a-lot, which either implies that she's a whore, or a bitch, depending on what expletive you chose to use. Either way, you ran behind her back and called her a name instead of to her face, and judging by your c-box, you're now kissing her ass as if nothing happened. But now that you've got some negative attention for your actions, you don't like it very much do you? If you can't take the heat, get the hell out of the kitchen.

  20. Evergreen - I applaud your ability to string sentences together properly, however, I laugh at the fact that you still look like an inept fucktard when doing it. You can spell, you can use punctuation, but you still have no idea what you are talking about. You are using the "that's what it sounded like to me" argument, when it's a moot point. Either we said we were saints, or we didn't, there is no grey area. Get the hell over it.

    Plain fact. If you two didn't give a shit, YOU WOULDN'T BE HERE. Get that through those thick heads of yours. Everyone has a right to blog whatever they want, whether it's wrong or right. You either shrug it the hell off and move on, or you stay and fight, and staying and fighting is EXACTLY what you two want, because you value the attention that we give you, because your parents don't give you ANY obviously.

  21. You want attention? Go run to your fucking parents and bug them for some. I'm done handing it out.

    Chama, you and your little band of dipshits no longer exist to me. You can run your mouth as much as you want, I no longer give a shit, and unlike you, I don't NEED the attention, and I DON'T post on something or someone I don't give a rat's ass about.

    I can actually act like a mature adult, and I will do so by ignoring the whiny toddlers who aren't getting their fucking candy.

    Go back to your "funhouse" and take your "friends" with you.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. My god people, why do some teens have to be so annoying!? I know I am one but I hate children. They wine and wine and wine because they don't get their way, now I am not saying I haven't done that before, because I did in June and learned a great deal from it, LE doesn't cause drama, the people who are acusing her of that are most to blame. I can't believe I'm having to say this but some of you aren't who I thought you were, Jake, I thought you were a nice, down to earth person. But now I see that you are a backstabbing jerk who won't hesitate to make someone feel terrible when they've done nothing. There's more to the story but I don't want to get involved with it. But to rap up my point, listen to adults children, they know better than all of us. (Besides Jarsie, she doesn't count!)

  24. *walks in, sees more drama*
    *slowly backs aways*
    *runs for door*
    I sooo dont feel like posting my opinions, cause you're just going to disagree, so... uhmm... yeah... i'll stick to my usual job of working behind the scenes and calming everyone down.

    but here's a little food for thought... remember everyone, it is the internet. is this all really necessary?
    okay, im done being a pain in the ass now :P

    -alexis365 <3

  25. Hmm, not really sure what to think about all this...

    From what I know LE doesn't deserve all the shit she's getting from Chama & others. There is no reason, and I say NO reason to swear and call people those things that Chama did. So I don't really know why anyone would stick up for Chama....somebody explain this to me here?

    Also, Vid is allowed to put anything she wants on her blog. And I know somebody is going to go "oh but Chama or so and so can post whatever they want on their blog". Well yes that is true, but so far I haven't seen Vid saying things that are truly disrespectful and rude. Sometimes people need to remember COMMON SENSE and MANNERS you know that stuff? Man-ers? So you start with an M making an mmm sound. Get it? Well if you don't, I don't really give a shit.

    I'm not on any side, I'm just speaking my opinion. And you people seriously make me laugh sometimes. Now I don't know the WHOLE situation, because I can't be fucked reading every single word on pretty much a lot of blogs but I know the main things. I'd also like to remind you of something. Just read this, quote from Zeri:

    "yknow, when I was a teen, i might have been hormonal and moody, but i sure as shit didnt treat other ppl like dirt. respect is a 2 way street. its a pretty flimsy and pathetic excuse if you ask me. i hate people who use crutches to excuse themselves from responsibility. you still have free will. you still have a conscience.. try using them matter what life has done to you, you ARE in control of your actions, and the only one to blame for thme, is you. "

    I think you should all remember that.

  26. Eh I know I am getting my butt into this, but I just have to ask Viddy a question.

    Viddy what have I ever done to get on your bad side? Like I mean why am I deleted off your blog list. I am not even a part of this drama, and if you didn't know, I was like away for two whole months practically and when I come back to the blog world I notice all this drama.

    I am confused.

  27. ooh and one more thing..
    what does this supposed to mean viddy?
    "Well Kami is gone and their are kids so WTH? "
    Sorry its just I am confused about that line.

  28. ^check under your comments of your latest post. This one is too clutter.

  29. "Well Kami is gone and their are kids so WTH? "
    Sorry its just I am confused about that line."

    I took link off, which u can read why under your comments and they were getting mad at me for calling them kids when they are.

  30. oh ok thanks for the explanation viddy :)

  31. oooh kami and kamikinz are the same people i just wanted to change my name back to where it was.

  32. I normally don't get involved with stuff, but I'm sorry to say how sick I am of these little bitches causing shit. I have a teenaged daughter who loves going on line, and NEVER, NEVER has she acted in the manner that these little bitches are. I'm sick of it, and sick of the same fucking shits getting on the sims forums and posting more of their shit, like wanting people to recommend their crap, spamming the boards but they never get banned. I think the sim gurus play favorites or some shit.

    Spoiled little fuckers, is all they are. They need a bedtime. Speaking of which, aren't they in school by now? Or do their parents REALLY not care what their brats are doing? Fuckin' seriously??????

    it's usually the nicest ones on the web that these little freaks take advantage of the most.
    Oh, and Evergreen, SHUT THE FUCK UP. Go drink your baby bottle and go nighty night. You have skool tomorrow. I misspelled school on purpose, freak.

    sorry vidkid, but I had to have my say about these little monsters from hell. At least they're not all bad, but the ones who are, their behavior is indescribable.

  33. Am I included in this post of being in trouble? Being honest, I have NO clue what-so-ever what happened :(


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