Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm a slightly annoyed comp host no more! *update*

Thank you, Pixpumira. :-D I was just worry you were dropping out without telling me. Didn't expect your entry so soon. Sorry for being a bit cranky.

P.S. Deadline is Saturday! Grr, I have no comp pics so I'm bored and impatient! I can wait though.

Edit: Don't freak out. I just edit this post and moved to the top. Why? Because I can!


  1. Well lets say i'm ticked off by real life drama and internet drama. I've seen it.

  2. Well I didn't know that at time of this post. Really dont know what going on, but if need time, just let me know. :-/

  3. Too add I thought u were avoiding us when u didnt email me back. :-(


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