Thursday, March 31, 2011

What a surprise EA!

A new set is one of the  big surprises?! Oh EA you shouldn't have! You really shouldn't have!!! Seriously the store is updated every week! WTF? Thanks EA!

I mean the set is kinda cute, but could it kill you to give something away free as a surprise?

What's the next surpise? A new patch?


  1. Maybe a new patch that works.
    Now that would be a surprise.

  2. I think it's gone beyond a patch... they need at least a stuff pack to fix the problems! Or should that be an "un-stuff" pack?

  3. ^lol I agree. The problems are piling up now. They yet to fix the LN glitches I'm still experiencing.

    I think I would perfer a patch since it's free now that I think of it, but I know it would be extra unwanted surprises with it. >_<


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