Monday, March 28, 2011

Miss Simiverse- The pics and my thoughts

Yep, I lost. No big deal! I knew PK would beat me and it's well deserved. I was burnt out and 5 pictures at one time was too many. I had time, but it was overwhelming to say the least. Also I had all types of other things going on and just wanted to get it over with. Did I give up? Not really, because I did want to win, but it just wasn't there.

One big mistake though was turning in pictures in first. I always get low scores or scores lower than I want when I post my pictures first. Some will say I'm silly to think that, but just call me superstitious.

I had fun and 2nd place isn't bad at all. ^_^

Click read more to see the pictures.

Evening gown


Years after Simiverse...

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