Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Your comp addict has thought of a new comp!

Damn! I was so close to taking a break, but with Dark's comp and Em's new comp coming I might as well throw the idea of a break out the window! Vanity will be going on hiatus, but Battle of the Bands Cycle 2 and the new comp are next. Going kinda rotate them till I retire one of them.

As for the new comp, Dark and Em will NOT be able to resist. Bwhahahah! Will be based on anime and manga, so get your anime inspired sims ready! Going be different and hopefully fun. I'm pretty obessed with the idea of it, so I can't let it go. Be coming very soon. ;)


  1. Dude... you are CRUEL! Of course I'm signing up for that XD

  2. lol I knew you would be interested. :P


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