Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Some Legacy Randomness before The Big Wedding!

Let's lighten the mood with some legacy pics. I did have the invisible sim glitch going on with Kat/mom when I loaded my game up, but I fixed it and I reset the whole freaking town. Hopefully things run more smoothly now.

Nic got a new pet. ;P
Oooo it's moving...
*drools* It's fits him perfectly! *_*
Now for something truly horrifying....
My white whale. I've been wanting to give this little dude a makeover since forever now. He came home from school with Katy and I had to send him into CAS.

Much better....
Possible date for Katherine/Katy?
Nic's new bike...
Dr. Evil ranting at the window. xD
Snowflake still dancing in the living room.

Then I found this little guy in the garden. I think I'll call him Trix like the Trix rabbit and the cereal. Now I have 3 gnomes. <3
Daniel came home ready for dinner and some clothes...
Brotherly fighting...
and bounding.
Can you tell I love Nic's face? His beautiful face. *_*
Speaking of faces. Time for a makeover.
A haircut! So much better. Might give him some facial hair, but he's a lot more handsome.
Nic being a mean big brother.
"Time for cruising on my bike. Hey ladies!"
Nic headed for the tattoo shop to get some tats and was greeted by this guy. 
"Grrr you want some tats pretty boy? Come on into my dark parlor!"
"Literally my dark parlor."
Nic taking it like a champ!
"Hey why you laughing? Alright I'll get some more and then I'll show you how tough I am!"
After getting a kickass navy theme sleve, he ran into Joyce aka Daniel's fiance. Uh oh!
They really hit it off.
This does not bode well for the marriage. How could you say no to this face?!
B/w this meeting was not planned whatsoever! xD
Nic went home after some chit-chat with her.
He showed his fam his new tatted sleeve. 

Katherine tried scaring her oldest brother with her developing vamp powers.
But failed.
Kat: "What? I'm not cute. Stop clapping!"
Mom: This is how you do it!
What the fudge is this?!
"Lady you're kind of late for trick-or- treating! It's summer!"

Now to plan Daniel's wedding! I'm going hold it at an actual wedding chapel! I downloaded one. The house is too crowed for a wedding and I've always wanted a wedding venue. Once he gets married, I'm going move him out and wait for Katherine to age up at the main household. Then I'll move Nic and Katherine in with him. xP Might stick around to help Katrina achieve her lifetime goal tho. She's one job away from it. Agh. I seriously can't wait to get the siblings out their parent's house, so she better get promoted fast! -_-

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