Friday, February 8, 2013

Game outtakes (random pics that amuse me..)

Henry's been eating those funny jelly beans again!

An alien with a cane! 0_o

 I think she frightened him. ^_^;
 Bye alien...

 Elizabeth brought her baby over. That's a new one...
 Mikey decided to gift a present for the baby. *cough cough* we need baby showers *cough*
But then he did this. Um...Mikey watch out!
 Cue random facial expressions....

The End!!! :P


  1. Wow, an elder alien! That's unexpected.

    I really like the first picture with the guy's face in his dinner lol!

  2. I've never seen a elder alien before either. I was kind of dissapointed, because I was hoping for YA and romatically available one for a future alien hybrid, but oh well. Still it was interesting. :o

    And haha the guy with the bad table manners is my werewolf. It always cracks me up when he does that. :P


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