Wednesday, March 6, 2013

OMG Walking Dead! Such a crazy amazing surprise!

Ahhh! You and you're clever surprises WD writers!
Super major spoiler ahead!!!!
Don't read pass this point if you haven't been watching WD lately. You have been warned!

*clears throat* Morgan!!!! OMG!!!! He's back and he's nuts!!!! I literally screamed when they took off the helmet to reveal it was Morgan! I didn't expect for him to return this soon or in this way at all! I've been dying to see him return. Sadly though he's totally gone out of his mind and his son is gone. :( The way he died was so messed up though. If he had only shot the wife! Damn it! It would of been really cool to see Rick and Morgan back buddies again. Then stupid  Carl could of had a friend. Ah well.

Anyway, was I the only one who laughed at the hitchhiker getting left behind? I was rooting for them to pick him up, but I kept laughing every time they passed him. So mean! I was surprised to see him get eaten though. I wonder what was the meaning behind that. Hmmm....

As for Rick, I am so glad to see he's sane again...for now. I think the talk he had with Morgan brought him back to reality. I'm also glad to see Michonne is acting more friendly. B/w that cat she brought back from the bar was fugly! I also found her swift return from getting the picture of Lori for Carl was amusing. What is she a ninja?! LOL

Other than that, it was a very interesting ep! Loved it! :)

Oh and on the topic of Morgan. I had no idea the actor who plays him had a English accent! Even the actress who plays Maggie has one. Totally caught me off guard. o_o

P.S. My dad keeps rooting for Carl (the son) to get killed off. Can't really blame him. He is getting really annoying! Well he was pain already, but I wish he would step back a bit. Still that's awful! lol

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