Saturday, March 16, 2013

Movie Magic: Cycle One- Mock Assignment

*crawls out of her comp pic cave* Wondering what've been up too? THIS!!!!

I wanted to finish this so I could devote my time simming and socializing. Once I had an idea, I wanted finish it and not stop. If I had stopped I would of never done all this!

As for what made my brain think of this, there's only one musical worthy of me liking it enough to watch over and over again. You can even say that it is one of my favorite movies of ALL TIME!!! That movie is Chicago! :D I knew I wanted to do something based on the idea and look of it, but I didn't want to copy it. I think I manage to do that! 

Yes it looks insanely hard, but editing this was oddly fun! o_o I am pissed you can't see the gun in the black and white pic, but as long as you get the idea of it. I just hope it's not too much!

Fun Fact: My dog, Roxie is named after the lead character in Chicago. I was watching a few days before I picked her up and brought her home. :)

So you like? My first ever movie poster!

P.S. And if you haven't guessed, the theater date is my birthday. :P


  1. Looks fabulous! I love Chicago, too, so many toe-tapping tunes!

  2. Thank you! ^_^ Chicago is the only musical I like really. Definitely some catchy tunes.


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