Monday, March 11, 2013

I think Sims and my computer were plotting against me today...

All I wanted to do was a comp pic today and then play my game in peace. Nooo! I had to suffer first. First my game crashes about 3 times while setting up comp pic and then I decided it must need cleaning. Clean the pc tower, which just makes my allergies and my lungs happy. Put it back together. Turn the game on and it crashes two more time. WTF?! Then I get all panicky and upset that something must be wrong with my computer. Lose my mind temporary. Take a break. Come back, clear my caches, delete the save file with the comp setting, and test it again via a new save file and my SN file. Nothing. It works with no problems. Now do tell me what did I do to make it work? NOTHING. So why does it work now? I guess I shouldn't complain, but thank you dear technology for driving me absolutely insane today and almost giving me a mini heart attack!!!

Then I just wasted more mins of my life searching for the imaginary doll my newest addition got. The stupid thing decided to disappear!  Even used the reset cheat on it, because I just happen to know it's name. I find the darn thing outside in the rain. Why are you out there?!

Now I go in the fridge and can't even find my bottle of tea. LOL

I'm going play and wait for the new baby in my game to grow into toddler. Hopefully that goes normal, because I don't have patience for anything else. xP

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