Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter Eggs!!! :P

Hello! Just wanted to say Happy Easter! Gives me a excuse to post something new too. I'm still finding it hard post anything interesting lately. Then every time I peek at the forums, nothing is going on! So after awhile I get bored and leave. lol I did play a bit of my game today and it didn't crash, but I'm really itching to get a new computer soon. Something I don't have to worry about that will be ready for every and any new ep!

As for Easter,  I don't have any plans. I do want to see the Evil Dead. I know good holiday movie huh? lol We'll see, but I just want to go to movies. I haven't been in ages!

Great now it's late. I'm getting into habit of posting at this time. Hopefully I'll be able to get rid of my blogger's block soon. If you are wondering where I'm at, you can find me in the comp section of the forums. I'm not too far away, so I haven't went anywhere really. xP

P.S. Three words: Walking Dead Finale!!!!!!


  1. Happy Easter, Vid!

    Yeah, the forums are not what they used to be. Even the trolls are boring, not sure they even qualify as trolls. lol. Oh, well - times change.

    Speaking of changing times, I can't believe MCR split up and broke my heart like that *cries* How rude and inconsiderate of them! But I still love them <3

  2. Hey Wibs! :)

    So it's not just me! Yeah the officials has been a bit slow lately. Maybe I'm checking the wrong sections, but I miss the silliness. I also seem to kill threads a lot now. lol

    And agh I know! Music is already suffering and another good band is calling it quits! It's shame, because I was for sure they were going come out with more new music and some more videos. I'm hoping they get back together at some point, because it doesn't seem right for them to be over with this soon. :( *sigh* MCR will forever be in my heart as well! And on my Ipod. D:


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