Tuesday, March 5, 2013

ζ~Elven Spirit~ζ QUEST-4~ Scores

I got 6th place, but the rankings are wonky and some people did extra to get extra points, so ignore that.  Well I like to think I did good anyways. lol

6th- Vid- 667
For the story click here.

10/10- uniqueness
10/10- photo relates to story/quest
9/10- photo quality
8/10-attire relates to race/quest
10/10- elven essence
awesome idea and unique, great lighting and atmosphere, though the attire she has is not very elvish, and needed to be nearer to her face and show more of it

10/10- uniqueness
10/10- photo relates to story/quest
10/10- photo quality
10/10-attire relates to race/quest
10/10- elven essence

Beautiful!!! I loved your story and the photo was perfect!!! I couldn't see anything wrong!!!

10/10- uniqueness
10/10-photo relates to quest/story
9/10-photo quality
10/10- clothing relates to race and/quest
10/10- Elven essence
Comments: I really enjoyed Aurora's story of her lost love and the over-all composition of your photo! The way the moon and his foot are cut off does detract from the photo though. If the moon were a little lower, it would have balanced the composition perfectly and not been cut off. And if her ghost love had been shrunk just a little his foot could have been in the picture and it would have added to the depth of his relation to her. I really like the flow of the photo, the litte details (like the fireflies), and your lighting is not overly bright for the setting or too dark. I also love that you have the ghost playing his flute. 

I must admit that I was a bit upset with scores and some of the comments at first, but then I shrugged it off. Then hearing the rankings were wonky also made me feel a little better. Still this picture was a pain in the butt editing wise, so I was hoping it payed off more.

I did go out of box a bit with the attire and look, so I agree with that. I'm not too sure how elves are even suppose to dress, so I always feel like I'm taking a risk with the outfit anyways. Still I did wonder  if the kimono was a bit much. I don't particular agree with getting closer to her face, but then I really worked hard on the setting and wanted show it off I guess. Meh oh well. I like how it is, but I guess it's not a modeling comp. It's a story comp. lol

As for stuff getting cut off in the picture, eh I never really thought that would be a problem. I also never thought about balancing anything, but oh well. I also did shrink the ghost more to include his foot, but then I changed it. Maybe I should have.

As for the editing, I wanted to kick myself spending so much time on this picture. I did the usual sharpening and brightening. Then some fixes to the dress and editing her mouth into a closed mouth smiling expression. Quite easy little things, but then it was the hard stuff. I went back into the game. Took a picture of my male model/ghost. Added him to the picture. Messed around fading him and giving him a ghostly white look for like a hour or two. Then placing him in the picture with added little details of swirls and such took probably another hour. Then I became super determined to put wind in my picture. It became almost a obsession to get it just right. So that took many hours with editing leaves and smeared swirly effect to make it look leaves blowing in the wind. I almost quit on this part, but like I said I became quite determine to get it to work. After all that though no one mention my windy leaves effect. Oh well. LOL

Then the small stuff such as the fireflies, the moon and the flute on the floor was an afterthought that took only few minutes to add.

Thanks to a good setting though, I was able to take this time adding all those little details. I'm beginning to really appreciate clutter. :) I think my only regret is that you can't see the pond around the house. It quite pretty. Oh I have pic:
I would of added some more grass if I shown that part, but I knew I was going be focusing more upward. 

Overall the picture is all to due to my passion for anime and manga. Pretty much based one of recurrent themes I always come across when I'm in search for a good manga to read on my phone. I think I could of toned down the anime feel of this picture some more I guess.

As for the next, assignment I have no idea what to do for it. I have the look I want for my model, but no concrete idea. Portrait type pics with little detail just isn't my forte. Well I can show a little detail, but I gotta show her face more. I guess I should focus more on makeup this time.

P.S. Totally forgot about poses. Well the poses were easiest part. I found them in matter of mins. I lucked up and found the perfect sitting pose. Then I was really determine to make use of the flute poses I had seen awhile back. I was nervous about using them at first, but I needed them to pull this off. Would of had to rethink everything if they hadn't worked. Thankfully they did. :)


  1. Aw, well I loved that picture and the background you built for it. Who knows - elves may well wear kimonos!

  2. LOL Ikr. I think it's quite stylish myself. :P Anyway, thanks.


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