Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Unruly Kind:: My model and Assignment 1

I have a knack for making creepy and gothic looking guys. Why is that? lol Anyway, he is actually the face of Little Miss Twisted: Boys Edition. If you ever see a example pic, he's the model I'm using for it. He reminds me of my female model, Elizabeth Strange actually. Also Ethan was not my original name for him, because I already have an Ethan in my game. Still I figured werewolf Ethan wouldn't mind and it just seemed to fit the personality I'm going with for this guy.

 Sooo the comp is ran by ArtistByNight. Both Ninja and Mojo are in it too (along with a few others from my LMT comp), so I'm excited to compete with them. :)

Ethan Mont
Bio: I was an accident waiting to happen since I was born. I just never fit in anywhere. Even with my parents. Heck they didn't want any parts of me! I was destined for trouble. So I grew up a loner and the odd man out. The mysterious kid that you know you didn't want to mess with. The kid that dabbled in all things strange. So now I live my life in darkness and sin. Looking for a thrill to numb the pain of abandonment. I don't think I can ever be good. It's just not in me.

Assignment 1- Did they start off good or were they always bad? The beginning...
I'm already trying new ideas with this one. Check out the whole entry by clicking "More"!

Assignment 1
Contrary to the life I live now, I was once a normal kid living in a small town. While I wasn't destined for greatness, I didn't start off being all that bad. I was actually pretty smart. I use to love bringing good grades home from school. I just love seeing mama smile whenever she would see a big red “A” on my paper, but then I was always trying prove something to them. My father especially. I wanted nothing more than his approval. To be looked at as a man one day. So I did everything I could to prove myself to him.

Whenever I would hear his car in the driveway, a mix of excitement and fear would come over me. Depending on how much he drank that day, it would be a good day or bad day. Well even mama had her bad days, but his was the worse. So when I got home from school, I didn’t know what I was coming home to. I guess that’s why I’m so messed up now, but it was on one of those bad days things would go downhill for me.

I passed my test with flying colors and I couldn't wait to show it off. So I ran straight home that day. I hadn't even notice my father’s car in the driveway or my mama crying on the porch, but when I got in the doorway reality hit me…literally, when my father got a hold of me. He was dead drunk, but the hate in his eye was something I never seen before. He screamed obscenities at me like usual, but he said something I could never forget that day. He said that it was no way I could be his son. Over and over again, as he just about choked me. It took all of my mama’s strength to get him off of me. So with my A+ papers laying in the dirt and my parents yelling at each other for all the world to see, I sat there frozen and numb. A scene that would play over and over again as I grew up. I guessed that's why I was destined to fail...

Haha I can't help, but think of Jerry Springer when it comes to this entry now. I don't know where I got my inspiration from, but I knew I had to make up a good excuse for his future demented behavior. lol As for anything else, the perfect lighting outside in the daylight makes me happy. I usually fail at outside daylight pics. :D

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