Wednesday, March 20, 2013

ζ~Elven Spirit~ζ QUEST-5~ Pic, Story, & scores

Being this isn't my favorite entry and the story was completely rushed, I combined scores and such in one post. With my computer crashing every time I build my setting, I gave up and did something a bit more simpler. No matter, I would of probably got low score anyway from the looks of things.

The Darkness Within 
My parents taught me right from wrong. That being good was a must, but I always felt something was different about me. That something dark dwelled within me. Though I had a handle on my powers, I felt compelled to be out of controlled. I felt wild. Even in my dreams, I saw myself as something much more darker than what I was showing to the world.

Then the other elves of my village also got me thinking. You see they whispered horrible things about me. That I was bad luck. A evil omen of such. I regarded them as nothing more than nasty lies, but I knew deep down they had to some truth to them.

So when my father finally told me how I came into this world, I wasn't surprised. It made sense I was made from dark magic. It made perfect sense. Unlike the other elves, I was something unique. Something dark and I found myself liking it more than I should. I could see her now in my dream. The real me...

5th- Vid- 714 
Last place. Why I'm not surprised, I'm still kind of annoyed. With scores being accumulated from each round, the gap between the first few people and last is getting larger and larger. I prefer scores being based on the round itself rather than being added up into one big sum. :/

8/10- uniqueness
10/10- photo relates to story/quest
9/10- photo quality
10/10-attire relates to race/quest
10/10- elven essence

i like the vision effect of the photo and how it really is like it’s a dream, the colors combine great and the lighting is perfect for the emotion and story
it’d been more unique and fitting if they had opposite color attire, everything else is fine
though if they were nearer to the camera it would have been more of what i was looking for.

So yeah the picture was actually going be more detailed in the background area, but every time I build my forest it crashed to a completely black screen. I tried many many times on different saves to no avail. So after finally giving up, I took the picture above. By that time, I really didn't care anymore. lol My mind had already moved on to another comp.

So from the start, I wasn't happy about this assignment. I don't like portrait style pics, because it's fancy headshot to me. Why some people did do some pretty creative stuff, it's just wasn't my style and technical problems didn't help.

Again, I'm feeling like my heart is not into this anymore. The next assignment is to show their inner strength and I have no inner strength to think of anything. lol I'm even thinking of dropping. It's just after my last picture (with all the editing) almost got last and this picture landed me more in the bottom, I feel like I'm wasting my time. Blah. I feel like such a d*** for complaining and wanting to quit, but then I don't know if I have anymore ideas left for this comp. -_-


  1. Oh I don't know, I think you have captured good versus evil pretty well just by their facial expressions, changing hair, clothes, tattoos and also their postures. I guess you could have used different colour clothes but that, in my view, would have been the more obvious route and the methods you used were more creative. But then I am biased I guess. :)

    The cumulative scoring is a shame - it would be nice if the scores were per round only, after all it's possible that someone could really excel in one area but not do well in another - then their success in their strong area is kind of lost in the cumulative score. Oh well, that's the way it goes.

    I can see you losing enthusiasm but I kind of hope you keep going because I love seeing what you come up with for Aurora!

  2. Hehe thank you Caspin as always! I'm glad someone likes it. xD Since blood elves are suppose to be red down to even their clothing, I thought I might get points off if I chose another color and it was kind of obvious, but meh I don't think my original idea would of been better either. I would of probably got a even lower score with my other idea since she wanted it be so simple and the attention more directed to the face.

    As for the scores, it wasn't like that at first and I wished it had stayed like that. When I do have off round where I would score really low, it usually gets me geared up to do better the next round. With the way it is now, I might take me a few rounds just to catch up and I'll probably have to score perfect which seems a bit impossible. -_-

    But ah I haven't quit yet. It usually takes a lot for me to drop out of comps. I also would feel bad dropping only that one and I would hate to let down the host. It's only few people left, so I'll stick it out. Till I get eliminated anyways. lol

  3. You are feeling how a few of us were feeling a few assignments ago. If the 2 people below me dropped, there was a chance I would have been eliminated because of the huge gap, and now I am in first with a .5 difference because of the last 2 assignments.

    The cumulative scoring was supposed to end I thought. This was meant to be an elimination.

    The only time I do cumulative scoring is during a lightning round in Simiverse to give everyone a chance to make an upset. But that is 2 assignments worth of scores only and the 2 assignments tie in to each other.

    This has definitely been a learning experience for me, and sorry to say, I probably won't join another competition hosted by her. The assignments are obscure and this has really been a let down experience. Which is a pity, as I really like the concept.

    I thought of dropping, but like you, I just don't like to do it. Good luck with the assignment, and I hope you form an idea.


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