Tuesday, March 26, 2013

About that "one of those weeks" post...

I'm sorry I got all cranky earlier this week. While I do love my family, I been finding them to be frustrating lately. I have so few left and it just angers me that some of them still have audacity to act like children sometimes. I often ask myself what would I do if I had to depend on such people. It's a scary thought. Then my father and grandmother are the only people in my life I can go to now and they aren't getting any younger. I just wish some people in my family would grow up and get over their differences. That I wouldn't have to sit here feeling so unsecured about the future.

If I can only find a job that wasn't way out somewhere. Well fun fact, I need a license. I guess I work on that this summer. That would help. :/

As for Roxie, like I said she got the ok from her vet. I'm really happy about that. :) I am sad that I won't get to see her a vet anymore, but that's whole another issue. lol xD

So if you're looking for the other post, I deleted it. It was written out of anger, but I guess it did some good in posting it. Thank you guys! Thanks Archivist! :)

I hope you don't mind. I just hate reading my cranky angry post now. It's slightly embarrassing. xP


  1. No apology necessary! We all need a place to vent every so often when things get ridiculous, and it helps to clear the mind. Thanks for letting me vent in your comments too, heehee. xD

  2. I guess venting here was better than exploding and it did help. :) And no prob you can vent here anytime! xP


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