Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's Supernatural baby on the way... (Pic Spam)

*sigh* I finally got to play today and I have so many pics. I might split this up into 2 post. If you can't tell from these pics, I'm having a blast! Last pic spam, Agatha my witch was pregnant by werewolf husband Ethan.

Here's a gnome doing quite an appropriate pose for the theme of this pic spam.
Agatha's sister, Tonks was first to find out she was in labor. 
lol It almost looks likes she reminding her she's preggers.

 Victor was more interested to getting to his bed, than watching a pregnant woman. lol Love how they gather around like that when a baby is on the way. xD
They got to hospital safely and.... It's a boy! They wanted a girl, but it's a boy! His name is Dorian! :P
 The nursery. A mix of odd and creepy with traditional stuff. I also have a dinosaur head on one wall. Very Addam's family like. xD Can't wait to use the new toddler stuff! ;)
 Cue the happy parents..

 Then the rest of the household came in to see the little one.
 Victor ate a jelly bean that made him blue. Don't worry. He's fine.

Awww Bonehilda...

 Then I decided to create a love interest for Tonks. He's a genie. You're see more of him if I can get them to date.

 I eventually had to take the baby out of the swing, because everyone in the house kept crowing around it. He's popular already. o_o

 Tonks writing a love letter. Love the look on her face!

Are ready to see the toddler pics? Are you sure? I have them!!! :) As for the name, I like the name Dorian for some reason and I kind of took from the Dorian Grey of the book/movie. I was going for Damian as in the Omen since he has the evil trait, but Dorian sounds nicer.

To be continued...when I wake up and come online. It's late!


  1. Ah - my most favourite Sims object - the rocking chair! My sim loves that thing.

    Yeah Tonks looks a bit demented writing that love letter. Have her eyes rolled back in her head?!

  2. LOL She does make some interesting faces! Maybe that's why it took awhile for my genie to be interested in her. lol

    And I have 2 rocking chairs in my house. They sit in those more than the regular chairs and couches. :P


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