Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bracing for a possible snow storm here!

First off, no University pics! I didn't get it! Whaaat I skipped a sim game?! Ahhh hell is freezing over! lol Well with the snow storm that's suppose to be coming here, everything may freeze over. Our gas and electric company even called us to warn us of power outages. They never did that before. o_0  So if I suddenly disappear, you know why and come dig me out with a shovel please.  Still I'm crossing my fingers it's just the news overacting again and it misses us.  
If the power stays on and it's the big one, I'm totally taking pics. Then if the snow is building material, I'm totally going out there like a huge kid and building a snowman. :) For those bracing for the storm or already getting some flakes tho, stay warm and safe!

P.S. In the morning? Evening? Not sure when it's suppose to start, but just letting you know. If it starts late into day, I'll be here goofing off and playing sims!

Edit: It missed us in the city again!!!! :P

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