Friday, March 15, 2013

Just stopping by with a post...

I haven't played much since my issues with crashing. Been trying to get my comp stuff in order first. This computer is oddly louder than usual, but I might hit it with another can of dust-off (whatever it's called). I ran out of it when I was cleaning it last time. I just hope it's some dust I missed and nothing more serious or better yet, my imagination. -_-

I did enter another comp! Mojo's Movie Magic: Cycle One. It's a comp dealing with movie posters! I couldn't resist. I swear this is my last for awhile. lol

As for my model, I made this pretty lady:
Mojo teased me about her being normal. LOL All my sims are normal. Right? xD I fail at making females sometimes, but I really like how she turned out. :)

P.S. Again it's late, but I finished scores earlier today. I might update again later.


  1. lolz, I was probably more shocked that your model was a GIRL! Since I see so many posts involving guys... lolz! :P

  2. LOL You do have a point. I think I surprise myself making a female model. I'm usually too lazy to make a decent female or they up end looking like another sim I made. xD


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