Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Magical toddlers and aliens! Oh my! (just a few pics)

Some pretty cool stuff happened in my game last night. One things being more of test to see it if it was true and the other being totally random!

So wondering what my toddler ended up being? A werewolf? A warlock?

Well being that looked up some of his powers, I decided to test them out...
He end up getting himself a horse from his cute little chest and this happened...
*poof* Where it go?
There is it! He's a warlock in the making! Too bad. I wanted a werewolf child or a mixture. Oh well.

Then while Agatha was tending to her son, she ran outside to see this! :o

 Then they sent her back home...
 Running from the scene of the crime huh?
Well that was fun! My first abduction!

 Then a random pic of Bonehilda. :P
That is all, because my game crashed again. For the first time in awhile with an actual game that I was playing! It even crashed to a black screen. Well I did save for the most part, but I wasn't happy. I guess it was telling me to go to bed in a very rude way. >_>


  1. I had a sim that got abducted every second night ... the novelty wore off pretty quick!

    1. lol Yeah thats sounds like it could be irritating after awhile. >_<

  2. Oh I'm jealous! I've been trying so hard to get an alien abduction but they just won't take any of my sims. I hope they didn't probe your Agatha too much!

    1. I think you need a lot of space rocks in your inventory for it to happen and my SN sims seem to find them a lot all around their house. But I was really shocked when it did happen, because I spent a lot time trying to get another sim of mines abducted with no luck.

      And lol Agatha had the probe moodlet when she came back. I guess they found her interesting along with her oddly good looks. xD


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