Monday, March 18, 2013

New love, snow and loads of toddler pics! (SN pic spam)

So this is the continuous of the last pic spam. So far the crashing was isolated incident that I hope doesn't come back. I played a lot yesterday, so things seemed to be going ok game wise. I did have some laggy moments, but nothing to complain about too much!

So let them eat cake!!!

Tonks and my new CAS-made genie are an item now.

He lives across the street.

I sent Henry out to get some fresh air, but the bar closed.
Fortunately for him someone was left over from happy hour.

Then they fought, because for some reason humans don't take lightly to having their blood sucked from them.
Oh FSS Henry! You're a vampire! Not only did you get beat up by a human, but a chick?
Then little Dorian's birthday came!
The whole household gathered to watch.

Then he turned into this oddly cute toddler...
Looks like mommy!

Ah sweet dreams evil prince! Bwhahaha!

So the little guy still has his imaginary doll!
Awww that face is too cute!
That's dad by the way...
He has his pointy ears! :o
Then I gave the playpen a try! I had no idea the playpen can teach a toddler how to talk. o_o

Then the walker...
The walker can teach a toddler how to walk insanely fast. I think I'll have dad finish off teaching him though.
Then it was sleepy time...
Time to go to sleep! Night night. lol Nah not really, but time to go play my game. Laterz! Also for those wondering what powers he has, I did take a peek at the color around his face in the relationship panel. If I get photographic evidence. I might tell. Oh you know I will. Till next time.... ;P

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