Thursday, September 13, 2012

Funny moments with SN...(Pic spam)

Jelly beans good for your heart, Beans beans make you... o_0

Earlier that day...

 From my memories in the officials...

 Oh well time to read...

Bonehilda isn't that scary, but oh well. Running away again. (Never gets old. lol)
 "You think my convo is boring?"
 Take this!!!

 "Guess it's my turn now."

Baby fairy! 
 Bonehilda likes dogs I guess. I'm thinking about adopting one so she can play with it. xD
That's all folks! I'll post more whenever I play again and see something interesting. School is coming up so I must prepare for that, but I'll be playing game off and on this weekend hopefully.


  1. Do the dogs try to chew Bonehilda? If not, why not, lol?!

    1. lol I'm not sure. I don't think so. I saved right at that moment and quit. I'll go back and see. Be funny if they buried Bonehilda in the yard. xD


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