Wednesday, September 19, 2012

2nd day of college: I'm stuck making speeches! Blah!

LOL Ok ok I went to a normal advisor today, because the guy who helped me with my classes last time was sucky and non-caring. First off he told me they weren't doing my major this year and confused the hell of me giving me speech communication. Speech communication is an mandatory class leading up to any major dealing with English. So yes people I do have the major I want, but I'm stuck with the speech crap. Agh!*sobs*

Anywhoo, the wonderful lady who helped me told me on a good path for the career choice I want and to keep to it. She also told me all the classes are full, so I can't change from 5 days to 3. To sum it up my lazy butt better deal with what I got, stop whining, and get to it. Ok, but I'm not done whining, because this blog is perfect for that. :P

So day 2, I woke feeling like a dead fish and begging to stay home. My grandmother literally had to tell me to get my butt out the car and go to class nicely. lol So I went down some hall ways looking for English and got lost again. Looked around and realized it look like a ghost town. So I go back to the front desk out of breathe from running around and they tell me classes around 1pm are canceled for a assembly. So yes my butt could of stayed home till 3pm anyway when Algebra starts anyway. So I went home for a few mins, drank coffee, and went back for Algebra. This is really the time where my grandmother told me to get out of the car. I hate math.

Well Algebra sucked ass as much as I expected it would. I have teacher with a accent who goes very fast and it just sucks, because he doesn't make it sound fun like my HS teacher. He actually had me looking at my phone for the time when it got close to the end of it. Then he just jumped right in with the work and I didn't have my text book. The text book itself cost over 100 dollars. FFS are they insane?! I may have issues with this class. I have to go slow and refresh, because this isn't the lowest level of Algebra like I thought. It's a little more advanced, so I guess I didn't too bad on that test huh?

To sum it up, I'm going have to go bed earlier, figure out what work I have to do, and just bite the bullet till next year. Then the 2nd year, I can take more fun classes that apply to what I want. Oh and see who the hell is teaching English. English can be hard too if I have sucky teacher. >_>

Oh and I have eye appointment tomorrow and those appointments are hard to get. I have to go. I just have that sucky one speech class, but I'll talk with the teacher and get what I missed. The work isn't due yet and I have don't the book for it anyway. Text books are too f'ing high!

P.S. Anybody wanted write a speech for me? I don't feel like it. *sobs again*


  1. Poor Vid! Text books are very expensive for any course, I think, certainly they are over here. At uni I bought a lot of them second-hand from students who were moving up into the next year, as long as they were the right edition and they hadn't scrawled all over them, lol!

    If it helps at all, giving presentations does get easier with practice. The first couple might be unnerving, but you get used to it. The best advice I received was to purposely talk a little more slowly than normal, because if you are nervous the natural tendency is to speed up and then you can just sound like you're gabbling. Also then you can say less in the 4 minutes if you ;)

  2. Choose a subject you know really well so you don't have to remember the content. And make it something you enjoy too. I remember a Thai student I studied with wasn't very confident about speaking in English so she did a cooking class for her favourite dish as her presentation.


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