Friday, September 14, 2012

The Odd Couple Cycle 1 Finale Pic + Story

I'm in a comp pic sharing mood! Pic is clickable. If you haven't already peeked, my finale pic for The Odd couples Cycle 1. I have no idea who's going win this, but it was an amazing competition. :)

A World Full of Pink

Arnie's POV

Time flew by after we got married. With promotions and graduations, we didn't have much time to think about having kids. It did cross our minds a few times, but we never thought about it till it actually happened. Finding out Maggie was pregnant was the most nerve wracking and joyous moment of my life. I couldn't believe I was going be a father, but after seeing Maggie's smiling face I knew I could do it. 

Now I'm living the life of a family man with two kids. Yes two! Two beautiful daughters at that and Maggie is pregnant again for a 3rd time! Anybody else head would be spinning, but after going through this twice, what's one more! I just hope it's a boy this time. Not that I don't love living in a world full of pink and unicorns, but a boy would be nice.

"Girls go to bed! This isn't a time to play!"

"No! You said we could paint your fingernails again."

*sigh* Ok ok,...but no glitter this time."

Maggie's POV
Haha, I love my family! Poor Arnie is such a pushover, but the kids just love him. He's the perfect dad.

When I found out I was pregnant with our first daughter, I ran around the house like a crazy woman trying to figure out what to do. I just couldn't imagine us being parents. I cried my eyes out telling Arnie the nerve wracking and joyous news. He was really shocked at first, but he took it really well. I think deep down in his heart, he really wanted to be a dad. Now I can't imagine us not being parents. Having another one was a no brainier and now I'm pregnant with the 3rd. It's kind of crazy how our lives have changed. They grow up so fast too. I just hope this one is a boy, so Arnie can have a son. He's such a push over with the girls.

"Ugh now can you go to bed?"

"No not yet Daddy!"


*sigh* "I love my family. Honey you need some help?"

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