Friday, September 28, 2012

My English teacher is ancient and about that math text book....

So how is college? It started off as overwhelming, but I'm getting things done slowly. I did feel like I was going die of exhaustion yesterday as I spent most the day typing out my homework for speech communication. It's due Saturday, but I had a set plan to finish that yesterday and then get my English done for Saturday before 10pm. Everything is online now, so most my assignments are due on the weekend before certain times. Anyway, the old fart who teaches English forgot he had a class to teach Wednesday and he told us today we can ask for extension. Thank God!!! I was hoping he would do that. Now I can get some sleep and type it up with a fresh brain. Then turn everything in. :)

So why am I calling my English teacher a old fart? Because he is! He's freaking ancient!!! I saw him for the first time Monday and I was like wtf?! LOL I was really hoping he was filling in for the real teacher or he would be a really good teacher since he's been around. Not quite the case. I can't half understand what he's saying, because he mumbles his words and he has accent. It's not even really the accent, because I'm use to my math teacher accent already. He's just too f'ing old and mumbles a lot. Plus he's freaking boring! I never been bored in English till now. My math teacher is actually more entertaining then him. He's much nicer too.

Then what really plucked a nerve today, was when I went to ask him a question after class. Now I know he's a busy man, but FFS I only had 1 or 2 questions I wanted to ask. The old fart wouldn't even answer 1 and 1/2. He told me I can't ask him any questions after class time. That any question I have can only be answered doing class. So I basically have to be confused and figure it out on my own till class time again, Monday. Aghhhh I seriously wanted strangle him!!!! I don't really like broadcasting my confusion to the whole class sometimes. Plus if his old ass showed up more and spoke clearly, maybe I wouldn't be so confused! I just wanted slap him in the head with my math book, because my other 2 teachers are happy to answer my questions and I have never had a teacher tell me that before. Is that a college thing? It's f'ing stupid! It doesn't take that long to help anyone. It wasn't like I was asking for a 2 hour lecture! Ughhhh......

So I have to rethink my essay again, because I think it has to be "you had to be there" kinda topic as he's asking for a lot detail. So yeah I'm very close to writing about the simming community. lol Dead serious. My neighbors have been arguing a lot, but I don't like him enough to tell him my business and what's going on where I live. S**** he's going get something and he better like it!

As for my other teacher, I like them ok. My math teacher is really nice. It shocked me, because I thought he would a bit of pain when it comes to work. My bad for assuming. He doesn't suck. >_< He does go fast still, but having the book now and doing the homework helps me a lot. By the way, my math homework is due at the end of semester. I can complete it any time I want. How freaking awesome is that?! :) And the speech teacher is ok so far. That's about it.

Speaking of the math text book.....
No Mares it's not made of gold. It's made of bricks!!!

A heavy ass binder full of pages. Yeah I really hope he's not covering all that this year. 0_o

P.S. By the way, I passed my first math quiz with 80 something today!!!! It feels good.

Edit: Oh and the math book costed 198, but I got it for 50 bucks from another student who happen to overhear me complaining about the prices in the book store. lol Lucky me!


  1. Hey that's not fair - it's not even a REAL book! You could buy a binder for a few dollars and that's just a printed ream of paper. For that amount of money I want a nice hard-back book. Still, I guess the binder might be more practical. Students at your college are going to need little wheelbarrows to push your 'books' round it, or you'll all get bad backs!

    1. LOL Ikr! I told my grandmother it was no way I was putting THAT in my backpack. I already have a bad back from carrying books around in high school. My bookbag probably wouldn't even be able to hold that thing. I was sweating just running to classes with it in my hand. xP

      The other books I have a much smaller, but they costed around the same amount. The prices these days for text book are insane!


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