Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Meh first day was alright I guess...

Blah I'm going try to sum this up. I have a major migraine and it's making me grumpy. You might can tell from this. :/

Despite pouring down rain, things went smoothly. I did get lost, but after asking 3 people I finally got to the actual room. Then when I got there, the teacher hadn't even showed up. Well she finally did appear and she couldn't even unlock the classroom at first. One of those key card locks. Then after waiting for another teacher to unlock it for her, we finally got to sit down.

Now she was a bit unorganized and confusing at times, but she was very nice. I just hate the class, which is my major. >_> It's nice for someone who likes to talk and is VERY outgoing, but that's not me. As much as I will try to talk someone ear off, I always end up being the listener. In rl, I'm quiet and reserved by nature. That's how I am. I did want to come out of my shell a little, but not like this. Public speaking is not for me!!!

Yes the whole class is making speeches and speaking in front of the class. I had a completely different  perspective and idea when I thought of this class. I thought I would be doing some researching and mostly writing. I knew some presenting would be part of it, but not the whole class! Then the speeches can't be read off a paper, but based on a outline what you plan on taking about for 4-6 mins. Yes 4 to 6 mins!!! Doesn't sound long, but it is for someone like myself. Oh and one crazy thing you must do for this class, is that you must dress up in business attire when you do your speeches. So not only do I have to do this class, but I must sit in uncomfortable business attire every Tuesday/Speech day?

To be honest with you, it just sounds more suited for someone going for being a public figure or working in office pitching proposes. I thought it would be cool to get into news anchor field using this class, but even they have things to read off of. I just don't find it interesting at all. It's nothing creative or fun about it to me. I feel bad, but I may change my major. No not may, but I will. I don't care if anyone gets upset. I'm paying money for this. Even my father and grandmother said to change it.

So yeah I feel very discouraged. I know having a headache doesn't help, but I feel like what's the point? I just feel like if I don't get a major I like and can have fun with, it's no real point to all this. General classes won't get me a career and I have nothing I'm really going for. I'm not quitting, but I'm just pissed and depressed that I ended up in such a position. I have no clue what to choose. :(

P.S. Again 12am. Bed time again for me. I have 2 classes tomorrow. Alegbra and English. Be nice if I met a cute boy or something. Might lift my spirits, but knowing my luck I won't. So far I haven't got a chance to meet anyone really. Ugh. :/

And the class is Speech Communication. Guess I should have know better just from looking at the name.  >_<


  1. Aw I'm sorry the class was so disappointing and not what you'd hoped for. At least the nature of the class was made clear in the first lesson, so that you can switch to something else quickly. I hope you find something else that you'll be more into.

    1. Hey Caspin! Unfortunately I have to take it no matter what if I want something in the English department. Right now my major is theater b/w.

      Plus all the classes are full. Guess I signed up just in time, but meh I'll just have to do my best talking in front of people for 4 whole mins. -_-


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