Friday, August 31, 2012

Done with testing! Yay! I'm not a dummy!

Ahhhhhhhhh! I'm done stressing! I did my test today and I did good! Hell yeahz!!! :D

I got a college level English class and I don't have to take reading classes at all, because I got super high marks on that part of the test!
I thought I was going totally flunk and screw up everything. I still have a few brain cells left for this stuff. LOL *dances* Now I f'd up on the math part, but the math section was only 12 questions and none of them look like what I studied. >_<  Ah well I don't mind taking algebra over. I actually liked it in high school. Well had an awesome teacher, which was really helpful. Hopefully my algebra teacher this year is just as nice.

So yeah I have 3 classes. English, Algebra and Speech communication studies. My major was going be theater after I found out they didn't have journalism, but now it's speech communication. The guy said they weren't having theater this year and slap this on me. I just googled it and sounds ok.

Speech communication- For the individual who is curious about the different ways to communicate and to communicate effectively in all sorts of environments to all sorts of people, this is an excellent field to major in. Based in elements of the study of rhetoric and branching out into all fields of human communication, this area of study is inclusive of most types of human communication. This is a major for people who enjoy working with other people, who enjoy speaking in public and who wish to pursue a major with wide ranging access to the liberal arts. Speech communication majors should be excellent in English, capable of doing research and organizing materials in written and oral presentations.

Meh I guess this is a ok major for me. Not really a people person, but maybe this will help me get out my shell and I did wanted work for magazine or news station. Would of liked something leaning to writing and creativity, but we'll see how this goes.

Oh simming and college wise, I should be able to juggle both. I go 5 days a week, but I go in the afternoon for a few hours around 1pm to 3pm basically and then I'm back home. I have to see how homework and assignments go, but I can do it. I do have time between classes to do work, so hopefully I'm not too overwhelmed.

I start Sept. 18 so I have plenty of time to install Supernatural, blow up my computer, put it all back together again, and goof with y'all. xD

So I'm officially a college student! Wooo! Now all I gotta do is figure out how this damn schedule works. I know the times, but the days and the way it's written confuses me. 0_o

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