Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I'm a thread hijacker?! lol

Cracking up right now. I just got a warning for hijacking a thread. The warning literally said I hijacked threads. I guess I should be upset and glad I didn't get banned, but bwhahaha really EA? The one thread in question was a useless troll thread anyway and would have turned into a flame war. It was going the off topic route as well I'm sure. I just helped make it a funny useless thread. Didn't even last long. It's not like I post much these days anyway. Now I'm a thread hijacker! lol

Something told me to stop when I had a chance. Well watch out yall thread hijacker coming through!!!


  1. I'm pretty sure the mods over there don't really moderate, especially since it looks like an automated system that forwards reports without any kind of human intervention at all.

    1. She didn't appreciate my tinfoil hat comment, either. I got busted for 'spamming'. And this woman is a teacher?!

      I don't like her >:(

    2. A teacher?! 0_o

      I figure she reported everyone in that thread. >_>


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