Thursday, August 16, 2012

I feel like I should post something... ^_^;

 Apologies for disappearing again. I've had quite a busy weekend and week so far. Things that have happen at this point...

1.) I might need a new computer soon. I'm out of space for RAM and can't upgrade this computer any more than how it is now. Sooo I'll will be joining the crowd who computer may explode with Seasons and Supernatural. I guess I have to wait and see. Hate to buy another one.

2.) I feel like I've been all over the city for a new pair of glasses. All the eyeglasses places have moved far away from me. Correction, all the good eyeglasses places have moved far away from me. Then the one place I went to, cheated me out of money for an eye exam. Then none of the glasses are my style. I have a small face and squarish glasses are not cute on me! So I'm on the hunt for that, but I really do hate the glasses I have now and just can't seem to get rid of them. >_>

3.) I refuse to go another Fall, Winter, Year without some type focus in my life. I will talk more about that in the up coming days as I feel like I might jinx it. lol Turning a year older has really gave me a needed swift kick in the butt to get off my lazy ass. I'm just hoping it works out.

4.) I need to get my butt back on wii fit and stop sitting on my ass all day. Not fat, but I see some areas that need improvement. It's pissing me off to be honest. I guess I'll have my dog chase me around the house with my wii remote again. lol  In all seriousness, I'm hoping becoming more active will help.

So yeah that's about it. The rest are rants about RL crap. Nothing to interesting. Blog wise, I did fix my banner at the top of this blog. Photobucket has been pissing me off lately. They even drove me to imageshack for comp pics. Just letting you know I'm alive and well if you were wondering.


  1. Nice to know you're still around :P All the best with getting your butt in gear, man I know how that feels. Think mine needs a good kick in the right direction too!

  2. Hey! *glomps* Yeah it's easy to just sit around and play sims all day, but when it comes to actual work I keep putting things off. I may not have much time to play sims soon if things work out, but I'll be around. And you get to work too! :D


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