Thursday, August 9, 2012

† Vampire Immortality † CONTRACT- 5 Pic + Story!

My Fatal Flaw
Years seemed like days and time flew by me in a flash. I was living a totally different life from my human one. I found myself wanting nothing more to stay in this new dark world Victor, my maker had created for me. I even developed a friendship with him, as I grew to admire him rather than resent him. The relationships and friendships of my human past were the ones resented now. In truth, I began to feel like my human life never existed.

It was an article in the newspaper that forced me to look back at the life I had left. My once well-known wealthy family had made the paper and it was then the guilt came flooding back. The pain of loss pierced my heat again, as I found out my father and sister had passed. I didn’t know what to think at the time, but I convinced Victor to go back to my homeland, England. Again I would break the rule of never going back, but I had to.

The paper said my father had died looking for me and my sister had took her own life after my disappearance. As I stood before their graves, I realized that I had became the devil my sister screamed about so many nights before. That my fatal flaw in these god like powers was death himself will never have my soul, but everyone I ever come in contact will meet their end. Death will always follow me like a shadow. I know that now, but I will always have these feelings of guilt because of it.
I don't even wanted go into a long explanation on this one. I'm glad I'm done and it's over! It took forever! Plus it wasn't easy! I'm not sure what place I'm going get on this one. I guess you can say his flaw is that he will always feel guilty about all the pain and loss he causes despite being part of his nature now. I totally stole that from Interview's Louis, but oh well. xD

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