Monday, August 6, 2012

A woo-hoo for every Seasons (hide the kiddies)

Ah with Seasons, comes the extremely important question of woo-hoos.
 A pile of  leaves? 0_o I pity the sim that has to rake those. 

Well of course. From traumatizing your kids in the tree house to shacking it up in the haystack. The ironic thing is the car is probably the only place you can't now. 0_o 

A deep puddle? Of what? And what are you doing with the pool float again? .... never mind just never mind. 

Not only shrinkage, but ice sticks you know.
 And yep just what we need. Another place to woo-hoo and traumatize the sim kids.

Timmy: What happen to my igloo?
Mom: It melted. It just melted.
Timmy: But there's no sun out and why's daddy grinning so much.
Mom: Uh...Just get in the house!

Didn't you know in all shark movies, the couple woo-hooing is the first to go.
Gives another meaning to birds and the bees.

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