Wednesday, August 29, 2012

† Vampire Immortality † CONTRACT- 6 Pic + Story

The Ghost Of My Past
I had made another grave mistake visiting the graves of my love ones. The past I spent so many years running from had caught up to me. The guilt, the anger, and fear came flooding back as I left their graves. I felt the thirst of an immortal, but the anguish of a human. It was maddening to say the least.

I walk the streets aimlessly for some time before going back to my maker. I locked myself up in one of the rooms and laid upon the bed in complete darkness wanting nothing more for the pain to go away. For a few days, things went on like this and I refuse to feed. I couldn’t bare the thought of taking another life. Even Victor began to worry; pleading for me to feed just once as he warned me the lack of blood could cause insanity and possibly death.

Ignoring Victor’s pleas completely though, I closed my eyes again hoping to fall back into a peaceful slumber when I heard moans. My eyes shot open seeing nothing at first, but as I looked towards the floor, I saw a noose. I frowned thinking it was nothing more than a cruel joke set up by my immortal teacher, but then I heard the moans again and the doors to the patio doors flew open. Well I had lied when I said I never saw Eleanor again, because what stood before me that night was her ghost grabbing at her neck. Looking at the noose, I asked myself is this real or am I really going insane?

Confident about the story, but super nervous about the picture. Overall I'm pretty pleased with it, but I'm worry about the judges thoughts on it. >_<

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