Friday, July 26, 2013

Back to Into the Future EP: My thoughts!

Hmm...looks like a rehash of Lunar Lakes. The stuff they were going include in that world, but then realize they could make some money off it. Probably a total waste of money and space. Yipeee!

I didn't screenshot this whole video as I'm terribly late to the party anyway. I just wanted ramble on about it. From my first impression, I don't see anything worth buying. It looks like a pack that could be "a must buy" once it goes on sale and that's only if you're terribly bored with the game.

I do like the look of the plumbots, but what's the difference between them and simbots? Shiny more sim-like versions? 
 As for the décor and overall look of the kind of builds you could make with this ep, it looks like leftovers from the future shock stuff in the store and stuff I've seen done already by fantastic builders.
 If this is what I have to look forward to in the décor department, I'm beyond disappointed. lol
The other stuff like hover boards, cars, jet packs, and this cool train thing looks neat. I just see a lot rabbit holes when it come to a lot of this stuff though. Especially with the train thing here.
 Wooo! More stuff to make CAS even more super laggy! I did like the addition of SN creatures in CAS, but I hope they are working on the slowness of it with yet another new addition to it. I'm betting not.
 I do like the future look of the new CAS. Still I ask what is the difference between these plumbots and simbots? What is the difference between them and sims?
 Erm a pervy bot? Sorry my mind went there.
 Looks like the apocalypse. A lame one at that with Ambition meteors and photo shop.

Can you tell I'm excited? -_- I was actually quite intrigue and excited with the thought of this ep at first. I do still like the thought behind it, but I feel that this should of been a world or store item. It almost seem to sparse and hollow to be a full ep. If they had included traveling to the past like the caveman days or certain interesting time periods, it would be a lot more interesting. I can't say I would totally happy though as I feel like it's a unneeded distraction from the core of the game. I don't feel like we need this ep really. It's a fun idea, but it doesn't make much sense when you put it with the rest of the eps.
As for the stuff pack, I was excited about that too. I liked the thought making movies and competition photos with it. After seeing what's available in it, it looks a steaming pile of crap and leftovers. lol Yet another SP I won't be buying!

I don't think I'll be buying either of them really. I'm content with my game. It works and I'm still having fun with it. IMO I think EA is about done with TS3 and just throwing anything together to get some extra cash from it. Hopefully they prove me wrong, but it's not much hope for a company who can't even spell villain right in their own trailer. FAIL!


  1. (Sorry, derped the first time)

    I'm tempted to be honest but that's only because those plumbots bring me one step closer to making my dream cyberpunk city complete with hookerbots (and theme parks and blackjack!), lol!

    But then I think back to how bored I've gotten with TS3, plus Pokemon X and Y is out in the same month so... got to prioritize here. I think I'll be giving it a miss.

    1. Dark!!!!! Long time no see! I missed you. Hope all is well with you. :)

      When you describe a city like that, it makes me feel tempted. That sounds awesome. lol I think the plumbots and hover stuff is the only thing that looks kinda cool.

      Have you gotten any of the most recent eps? I would wait and get on this one sale if you got other games you're waiting on. I'm sure it'll be super buggy anyway. >_<

    2. Everything is good with me thank you! I've got an anime convention in another two weeks or so - excited for that. Got all my cosplays sorted :D

      I haven't bought a new game since Showtime. Between that and Katy Perry Sweet Treats coming out and the vast multitude of bugs and glitches, the limited gameplay and the extremely unbalanced almost obsessive focus upon wealth, celebrity and young adult females I was getting the distinct impression that not only was I not part of EA's target audience but that they did not even want my money so I've officially bowed out. I still play from time to time but, I don't know. The more I try to play these days the more I realize how much I hate what the game has become, I'd just go back to TS2 but it's incompatible with Windows 7 and I haven't gotten around to testing whether it'll actually work properly or not yet. Plus I'll miss the customization.

      Keeping an eye on the TS4 business though and I'm not ruling out buying it but I'm done with TS3.

      It's kind of typical though, the minute I told myself that EA could go and swivel for all I cared they go and bring out both the Supernatural and Seasons expansions - packs that would have been right up my alley. Oh well!

    3. Ooo an anime convention! I always wanted to go to one of those things. I know Otakon comes here. Maybe this year I'll get up the nerve. xD

      But aw I hope you can give TS3 Seasons and Supernatural a spin before you completely quit on the TS3 series. They really made the game interesting again for me. Never too late to try those. ;)

      With the last ep being this "Into future" one, TS4 will be here in no time. Hopefully it's less buggy and an improvement. I don't think I'll make the switch right away, but it's good to hear you're not giving sims up completely. :)

      And TS2 worked on my computer with window 7 just fine. It was the ancient graphics and no customization that killed it for me. It amazing how I never notice how little you could customize in that game. lol


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