Sunday, July 21, 2013

Back to just simming! Hanging up my simming camera for now!

I am officially done with modeling comps! All 3 of them! I didn't drop. I finished them. I might of could done better with more time, but I did my best considering the job and the amount of pictures I had to do between them.

I had finished the one I was hosting before becoming employed, but the 3 I actually was still competing in became a bit of a problem with the job. Then out of sheer luck, I made into the finales of all 3 of them! So I had multiple pictures to do for each. Movie Magic wanted 4, Simiverse wanted 3, and SNTFM wanted 2. That all together is 9 pictures! 9 pictures with only 2 days off a week and low energy. Ideas don't just come to me either. Then add in due dates in and it became downright hectic. A little stressful too.

Still I didn't wanted drop out or prolong things too much. Well... I did end up prolonging things for 2 of them, but it wasn't much I could do with little time and rest I got. I almost dropped. I even did one competition at 10:30 at night, because I was going be disqualified the next day.

Pfff trust me if I had knew I would be working, I wouldn't of enter so many comps. To do 9 pictures in between work and come up with unique ideas for all them, I think I did pretty well.

Soooo I'm taking another long break from the comp world, so I can focus on work, socializing (both rl and the sims world), blogging and actually playing the game. I'm actually quite annoyed that I haven't spent much time playing, because comps pics have got in the way. I got so many wonderful bday gifts too. I gotta put them to good use. When I do get scores for these comps though, I'll post them. I do have to work tomorrow, but hopefully not too late. IP is calling me! I also get paid tomorrow! My first paycheck! Woooo! :P

P.S. If I see a comp that looks too awesome to pass up and things are more relaxed with my schedule, I will consider entering one. One and only one will be my limit though.

Edit: "Relaxed" is not the word. Planned out better is what I should of said. :P

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